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Day 3.... running...just running...getting back into it.Some small feats already......

It is strange just running again. No immediate goals. Can't have any really....I can't push myself...I just have to run. just let my body ease it's way back into what it knows.
First day back:
1 mile. felt like death. a 9min pace felt extremely uncomfortable....this scared me .

day 2:
2 miles.
got out there..was runnin along and realized I was running 8:15-8:30 pace and wasn't dying...decided to just let my heart rate get up there...was craving a little bit of tempo action (which for me is not very fast right now).

first mile was 8:17....second mile.... 7:24!! it felt SO FRIGGIN amazing!!! I came home, sweaty, heart pounding. I was just so happy to know I COULD still run a 7:24 mile...but the fact that my heart was pounding as hard as it was and my legs were dead spoke loud and clear to me of how out of shape I am. to think 10wks ago I was doing 20 mile runs at that pace..and now 1 mile is a feat!:( but I am up for the challenge! I WILL climb my way back up and surpass where I was before. It's just the way I am. I don't mind a good healthy fight within myself:)

then today was :
day 3:
3 miles.
8:21 pace. Good run.felt nice to just be out there again at 6:30am....although I am so sleepy today now..my body isn't quite used to this yet:)

I am the kind of person that needs a GOAL. A PLAN. A MOTIVATOR. So...this running just to run is sort of strange. It doesn't compel me to be smart about my eating....my brain is still partially in Vacation mode, but it will come. I hope the excitement I feel about getting up to run in the mornings lasts a while:)

Not sure if Iwll make that 2 mile race on Aug 13 but we'll see. it might be fun since it is ONLY 2 miles to just see how fast I can run by that point..i'm sure it won't be too fast...probably 7min pace but at least it will be a guaging point for me to see where I'm at progress wise.

I feel GRATEFUL for life...for my legs, for my lungs. Seriously...just so grateful.

The other stuff...the depression stuff I mentioned before is coming under control. IT was really quite scary there for a few days. I went to the doctor and she helped me out. Hopefully things continue to look up and the increasing endorphins every day do their job;)
thanks for all your support during my recovery......Love you girls!!

**Remember Stephanie @ Soggy Runner Girl who I spoke about in my last post....go check out her post on her amazing sub 1:28 half marathon last week here
Again, amazing job Stephanie!I was so blessed to have front row seats!