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I promised myself that when i could run again I would be grateful for every SMALL victory and that I wouldn't push myself too hard too soon. This is harder than I thought.

Remember in January when I said that I had this little feeling inside that I would be running again before the end of Feb? maybe not a lot but something.
well I did run 1 mile on Feb 26 before we left for mexico.....and then obviously I didn't run in mexico...and my foot and hip got worse in mexico actually...maybe b/c of being in flip flops all the time? i'm not sure.  but it has gotten better again. the foot pain/stiffness is still there every day but my hip has gotten better....

I"m not sure what has made the diff..there are A LOT of posibilites: such as, 

-the lift in my left shoe to make up for my 4mm leg discrepancy (this is actually bone length diff)
-the correct toes
-the higher dose of synthroid and added T3 (if it's working then inflammation should be coming down)
-the progesterone kicking in, also a natural anti-inflammatory
-the high dose of Turmeric I added......

or maybe it's the COMBO of all these things:)

When I decided to take that 1mile run on Feb 25, I did  it b/c I felt so strongly in my heart that God was telling me too and that he HAD told me to in january. I felt like I needed to fulfill this little prophecy he gave me. Maybe he gave it to me b/c he knew I would be too afraid to run if He didn't. I don't know but I knew I should, so I did.

Then when I got home from Mexico, again a little voice told me to keep trying so I did.

once I started running I noticed that when I ran the pain went from my foot, to around my little ankle bone on the outside of my foot and up to my peroneals.

WELL, when I went to the foot and ankle doc and he said my symptoms sound like TARSAL COALITION. This is when 2 or more bones in your foot are fused together. In my case probably around the talus area.
Ifi its not bone then a fibrous tissue that is fused so the bones don't have full range of motion.

Had I not run, I wouldn't have felt where the pain moved to when I ran and He wouldn't have discovered this. I consider these small miracles in my life.
SO I got XRAYS on Thursday and I take them to him on Friday and we'll see what he says.

If its BONE it requires surgery (booooo) but if it's tissue, they can do a coritsol shots and manipulate the foot to try to break it up.
He did say this would explain the two fibular stress fractures and my hip pain:)
SO....fingers crossed we get answers on friday:)

In the meantime he said running a little bit is fine. So here's what I've done...
I'm adding in dates times and paces for my OWN reference and so I can look back in a few months and see how far i've come b/c right now it's VERY HUMBLING.
None of these runs were easy for me by ANY MEANS:(

Feb 25 1 mile 9:21
Mar 06 1 mile 9:17
Mar 07 1 mile 9:58 (ran with my 9yr old)
Mar 08 1.37 mile 10:26 pace
Mar 10 1 mile 8:35 (felt SO proud of this!)
Mar 11 1.45 mile 9:34 pace (ran with my 6yr old for her first time..this girls a RUNNER!)

Mar 13 1.70 miles 9:08 pace
Mar 14 2 miles 10:02 pace (ran with my 6yr old again:))
Mar 15 3 miles 9:32 pace (this was hard!)
Today REST:):)

and that's THAT!! baby steps.......I'm a fighter and I'll get there...one itty bitty run at a time:)