About me

going easy on myself.....

well looks like the last time I was on here was almost 2mos ago. awesome. my new thing is being completely random, inconsistent, stressed, disorganized and chasing after my brain. I'm owning it. I will probably not blog again after this for another 2-3 mos. That is MY life right now and i'm okay with that. tired of feeling guilty for not reading or writing. had some major stuff in my life lately that has made me realize that I need to work on my priorities anyway and spend my time doing stuff that really NEEDS to be done. So, if it means I blog a few times a year, I guess that will just have to be good enough:)

I am about half way through week 6 of my training for eugene. When I think that I've been doing this 6wks I expect myself to be MUCH further along in my fitness but then i'm reminded that I have done very little the last 9mos leading up to this so i'm not stressing too much about it.
training is going well. I love my coach, Nikki, she is great.
I've been going to track every tuesday and with the exception of an upset stomach and really cruddy workout this week, I am making slow gains, but at least they are gains:)
I ran 14mile this last saturday...the longest run in almost a year and ran 44 miles total last week which was my highest mileage in 11mos.

I am trying to focus more on the direction I am going and less on where I am at this moment. I know in time I will get there. I see many of my colleagues and friends hitting BIG goals and I am inspired to just keep putting one foot infront of the other.

I am happy that I seem to have lost my obsessive nature about this running thing...mostly I think b/c I just don't want to end up injured again. I feel like i've found a healthier balance in my perspective.
I do try to get all my workouts in and do what I need to do but I am not freaking out about not being where I want to be.

I have the goal to run a sub 1:30 at Eugene BUT i know there's a good chance I won't be in shape for that by then and that is totally okay....I will find another half shortly after if I am still trying to reach that goal.
I do have a half in 2wks as a warm up race to see where i'm at....I'm thinking i'm probably in the 7:20-7:30 pace range for a half right now if I race it.

I am honestly just happy to be alive, to be running and to be making slow improvements towards my goals without overdoing it.
it's a lesson in PATIENCE for me:) seem to have had LOTS of those the last few years, huh?:):)

Even though this half in 2wks is just a tester, i'm nervous...only b/c I haven't raced a half in 17mos...that's a LONG time! kinda like getting on a bike after not riding one for years....you know you haven't forgotten how but those first few peddle strokes are still nerve racking....that's how I feel about racing a half.....just nervous...

anyway...this post was more for me to be able to reflect back later on where my mind / focus was at this time in my life/training. so there ya have it.