About me

I probably have no more readers left out there anyway.....

I have not read a blog for over a month. no joke. My life has been chaos and more chaos.
I'm almost embarrassed to talk about some of it.

right now I am dealing with a potential lawsuit from a independent contractor who worked for me. I can't say anything more than that, except it accompanies copious amounts of stress and legal fees.

I ran my 10K last week. IT. WAS. AWFUL. I have never felt SO tired and so bad in a race before. I wanted to quit so bad. every time I looked at my watch it would say something like 7:05 or 7:22 pace and I felt like I was running 6:00 pace. I wanted to die.
end result: 43:20...slowest 10K in over 18mos!

Well, the next day I got my test results back and my ferritin is at a 9 and my hemoglobin is down to 10. so yes. I am anemic. At least it explained why I've been feeling so awful.
so these days I'm taking iron pills like it's heroin and my runs are hard even at 9min pace sometimes. feels like a tempo. I hate it! I feel like I keep going backwards. I cannot catch a break.

On top of that and the lawsuit, I came home yesterday to a photo ticket of me turning right on a red without coming to a complete stop.
it makes 4 tickets in less than 2yrs which means i'm going to lost my license. I am freaking out b/c I have to get my kids to school, ME to school and me to work!.....

Yes...I said ME to school.
Apparently you need a full hairdressing license to comb freaking hair! and since I do up-do's for weddings I have to drop $7,000 TODAY and start school TONIGHT, b/c SOMEONE called me into the Oregon Healthy Licensing agency. apparently someone is out to try to ruin my life, but jokes on them, I'm gonna rock school! (even if i AM freaking out about how I'm going to juggle the life  I have now and add SCHOOL into the mix!- ugh....i'm sorta really pissed about it!)...

So...that's it! that's my crazy,  too much going on LIFE:)

I have realized from all this that I HAVE TO  slow down and get some organization into my life. I am ALWAYS rushing around trying to get to appts, work, kids stuff etc and it's lead to speeding tickets and me losing my license...which obviously REALLY messes up my life.

SO. Time to slow down. Reflect. organize. write to-do lists. BREATH.

Operation BREATH. that's what I'll call it.....and it starts NOW. 
p.s sorry for the very quickly written post..I only had 10min:)