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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hop Hop Half marathon Race Recap

Well I did it....first time in over 18mos to run/race a half....
with 8wks of training under my belt I knew I wasn't capable of anything near my PR but I needed to get an idea of where I'm at with only 5wks to go til Eugene

My coach gave me the goal of 1:35. Considering I only ran 3 13 milers in the last year (which were all in the last 8wks), I was a tad unsure if I could run 7:15 pace for 13 miles.

I arrived at the race, met up with some Team Athena ladies, ran a quick 1.5mile warm up and headed to the start line.
First 2 miles were 7:27 and 7:24 and to tell you the truth I was feeling like THIS pace would be challenging to hang on to so the question in my mind was "how am I going to get down 15seconds faster than this?". I knew I wanted to try though so I cut my pace down as I headed into mile 3 and by mile 4 I was feeling it.
WHICH MEANT.....it's going to be a long 9 more miles...BUT I knew I could stay where I was at....I definitely couldn't go faster but I would hold where I was at as long as I could.....
Mile 3: 7:15
Mile 4: 7:10
The next few miles winded along the path along the river...no real strong wind which was nice...I could hear a girl behind me from mile 2 on that had somoene with her telling her to pass me up the hill (a little climb at mile 3) so I made sure to NOT let her pass me there. I didn't know how long I could hold her off though.

Mile 5: 7:11
Mile 6: 7:11
as we headed into mile 7 and 8 we had a good climb which really wiped my legs out and as I headed back on the turn around had my slowest mid race run...this was mile 9 when two girls from behind caught up with me.
Mile 7: 7:09
Mile 8: 7:12
(that's me below at about mile 7.5.....)
Mile 9: 7:26
the 3 of us ran together in a pack for 2 miles...they were both trying to get in under 1;35 which sounded perfect to me but I didn't know how long I could keep up the pace....I was REALLY feeling it...my legs were TIRED!
Mile 10: 7:11
Mile 11: 7:18
At Mile 11.2 EXACTLY my legs just totally fizzled. I sort of expected this to happen b/c I didn't have the mileage under my belt OR the longer runs.....the girls took off and I just couldn't keep up. At this point, my instinct was to either throw in the towell and just slow down alot or keep as little a gap as possible between them and me.
I chose the latter.
Mile 12: 7:15
I can't tell you HOW HARD I had to work to keep this pace
Mile 13: 7:18
I could see the clock and that I was already at 1:35 so I pushed as hard as I could
last .15 was 6:28 pace

I finished in 1:35:25......7:17 pace. I got 7:15 on my watch b/c it showed I ran 13.15

I met the goal my coach gave me. I stayed positive. I kept steady pace. I fought hard at the end when I could have quit.
But more than anything....this race finally gave me my DRIVE back! I feel more determined now than ever to get back into REAL training!

I only have 5wks til Eugene and my coach and I both feel that a sub 1:30 is not realistic so I'm going ot try to PR on my 1:32 and then i'll run another about 6-8wks later and hopefully be able to run my A goal then:):)

* Oh...and sort of exciting and unexpected but I signed up  my husband and I for a marathon on Sept.28.
NO goal time....just for me to get through ONE marathon HEALTHY. THAT is my goal. I just want to run 26miles with no pain and if  I can do that...THEN I'll consider running another:)


  1. Great job pushing hard and getting so close to your goal. So good to be reading a race report from you again, I can't even imagine everything you have gone through to get to this point. SO so happy for you.

    I LOVE that your husband signed up to do a marathon with you, I don't think mine would ever in a million years!

  2. Nicely done Nicole! It's great to see you coming back.

    I notice you changed your shoes. What are you wearing now? Do you think they're helping?

  3. Way to go!!!! That has got to feel great!!!!!! Love hearing from you again!
    Will you and your husband train for the marathon together?

  4. Yay! It's great to see a "I Dream of Running" race recap! :-) I think the HM is a perfect racing distance for you. Whatever your goal pace is- you know how to work your splits. I have always been impressed with that. Staying healthy is definietly key for any runner and if you can stay injury-free then no doubt you will soon PR and a sub 1:30 will soon quickly follow. Excited for your fall marathon too! What a fun experience to get to do it with your hubby!

  5. Nicely done, solid race, congrats


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