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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How do You prepare for Hood to Coast??? All the NON-ESSENTIALS.....

well..if you're ME....it involves a lot of "non-essentials" :):) like posing in your Hood to Coast T-shirt for starters......

THEN.....You start  by working on your tan....bc who wants to run the funnest relay of their life when they're pasty white? right? 
not me. 

I have been working for like 6 days straight so I spent 4hrs by the pool yesterday:):)

THEN, you stop at Lulu Lemon  for a new pair of shorts and accidentally buy 3 new outfits instead.. OBVIOUSLY b/c you have THREE legs to run in the relay, right? 
AND cute clothes make you run faster
I'm pretty sure that's a Scientific fact in the science of "running faster":) 

 I am not usually a pink girl, but I couldn't resist this. Admit it, Pink can be HOT!
 so stoked to have 3 pairs of Lulu's speed short. The BEST running short to ever come into existence.
(long sleeve for the 2nd leg at 3am that might be quite cool up in the mountains)

and THEN you get a new pair of your favorite Saucony Rides b/c they are BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL and irresistable:)
I am PRETTY sure these will increase my pace by at least 10 seconds per mile.....


Team: "We paid for This?"
Nicole: Leg 7
Steve: Leg 10
start time: 12:45

good luck to everyone and see ya out there!!


  1. Super fun that you & Steve get to run this together. I can't wait to see your pictures! So sad that I can't run HTC this year, but hopefully I will be back for next year. :-)

  2. Awww...now I have to go shopping at Lululemon!!

    Hope you have a great time at HTC. :)

  3. Cute outfits :) Good luck and have fun!

  4. Ha ha! You have training down to an exact science!!! :) But I really think you have put something out there that some people won't admit: cute running and workout clothes make the run and workout that much better.

    Have fun in your race!!! :)

  5. I've been wanting to try those speed shorts and shoes are so stinking cute. Have fun!

  6. ahhh i blew up my credit card at lulu today!! love the stuff you got!

  7. Have fun! The only pink clothes I have are running clothes. For some reason pink in running clothes is totally awesome. Pink in regular clothes, not as much.

  8. Nice post. I am doing the H2C this year and came across your blog.

  9. Nice post. I am doing the H2C this year and came across your blog.


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