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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

People get PAID to do this??? SUH-WEET! (pictures!!)

So last night was the fun running photoshoot with Craig Mitchelldyer...for anyone who didn't read my post on that.....Craig is an incredible sports photographer and asked if I would be willing to model for some running shots for his portfolio....."uuuuhhhhh....let me think about that....YES!"...so I dragged Amanda from runninghood in with me and my good friend Joel.

Our night consisted of:

-Getting All new NIKE running outfits from Craig (and Joel and Amanda got shoes too!!!)
-running around feeling super Bad-Ass while Craig took our pics...
-and then pigging out at Red Robin after:)
pretty much one of the funnest days I've had in a long time!!!

Craig edited a few pics today to put up on his blog! I am so critical of myself so I am not super fond of my angry face lol in some of them (he told us to look Tough)...but I can't wait to get the whole disc of images! the Photography is superb! Craig is SUPER DUPER talented and I am one lucky girl that I know him!!!

Craig, me, Joel, Amanda...right after the shoot was complete

Amanda and I .....taking a break fromstuffing our faces at Red Robin to
snap a pic:)

These are our "Food Babies" :) I think Joel thinks we are a
bunch of creeps...not only did we scare him for LIFE with our
talk of .....mmm..many "Female matters" lol....but I think
he thought this hidden talent of ours was a bit odd...probably couldn't figure out why
 WE were so proud! ha ha!
and Amanda likes to make fun of my face in this pic but the only reason she isn't looking is b/c she was trying not to bust a gut laughing! AT least I could hold it together! lol

But Really...Amanda is so much fun, and I always laugh when I'm with her..
it was a great night!


  1. The pictures are amazing! You all look so great (even the tough gangster ones!) Loving the food babies too. Amanda looks like she is so proud to be carrying LOL Have a great rest of your day!

  2. You guys do look pretty tough in those :-)
    I busted a gut seeing your face in the food baby picture. You had such a maternal look of love on your face. Musta been some dang good burger you had!

  3. You two are just beautiful in the photos! I have a similar food baby talent, haha!

  4. had sooooo much fun with you girl!!! Loved our time together! You look beautiful in your pics! Love our food babies! xo

  5. You gals look mighty fierce and super HOT! Looks like it was a blast and your friend is a great photographer. Happy weekend!

    Ps I got a new job today! Whoot whoot! Start sept 12th as a personal trainer.

  6. Ummm... Holy hotness:)You two freaking rock.

  7. How did i miss this? The photos of the food babies is absolutely hilarious!!! I bet you two had a very good time :)

    I caught the shoot on FB last week (?) and loved the shots :)

  8. Love the pictures! They look great and you do look at little angry in the first one, but just think how intimidated that would make other runners! He really did a fantastic job and he had great models to work with!


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