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Friday, August 26, 2011

happenings this week while in no mans land...

Well....I spent the last 6days in Vancouver, BC Canada with my family! it was SO great to see my sister! meet my beautiful 18mo old niece for the first time. Sort of ridiculous. But we have been waiting for an important meeting at the US consolate for Visa papers and couldn't leave the U.S for the past 18 mos. The reunion was sweet but cramming 5 kids, 4 adults into a small home can get hectic! My sister and brother in law are always so sweet to let us stay with them:)

So...happenings this week...

* We got all our visa papers done! So friggin excited!!! this means we don't have to deal with any more visa crap for at least 2yrs!!! woohoo!!

*Got to see my very best friend (since we were 11yrs old) while in Vancouver. love her so much! I'm so lucky to have a best friend like that:)

*Here's the picture of the week: My sisters daughter Madison is only 6mo's older than Megan. My sister's and I's pregnancies overlapped. We both didn't find out what we were having and when we both had girls we were ELATED!!! Just as we hoped, these cousins are the BEST of friends! they love each other so much, get along so well and often they remind my sister and I of us when we were little. They were on the trampoline when I told Meg it was time to go. I saw them hugging and went over to hear them desperately telling each other through sobbing tears, "it's okay, it won't be long til we see each other again" I wanted to cry. Look at these sweet faces? Maddy is really tall for her age so she is almost an entire head taller than Meg. They are so sweet:

 They have no idea yet how blessed they are to have such a relationship. 
Best friends for life. I can only imagine the fun they will have over the next 20yrs together!

Not so great news:
*I was on the trampoline trying to be Noah's Favorite Aunty (he's my 4yr old nephew), playing crack the egg when he accidentally kicked me in the shin!......now I have really BAD vericose Veins on my left leg from having kids and there is a large cluster of them on my left shin...RIGHT where he kicked me!
Immediately I thought to myself "oh...that hurt".....and something didn't feel right. I jumped off the trampoline and tried to pull up my skinny jeans.
There was a HUGE quickly growing lump on my shin.....it was the size of a golf ball! imagine a golf ball sized lump under the skin on a bony area like your shin! it FREAKED ME OUT!....
I called Steve over and he took one look at it and started Running up stairs mildly shouting for ice.......now if you knew my husband you would know he is the most UNDRAMATIC human being on the face of this green earth! So to see HIM RUNNING and calling for HELP freaked me out even more. I hobbled up stairs as quickly as I could while he is telling me in a rushed voice to get my leg elevated NOW!.
All I could think  was, " I don't know whats wrong, but I was supposed to go for a RUN tonight!" lol...
not worried about leg amputation...worried about missing my RUN! typical Nicole:)

Anyway...we wrapped it up for compression and I haven't run since:( He thinks I burst a vein:(:(
Totally sucks and I was so sad but what can I do.

On the up side.....and speaking of Hood to Coast (b/c everyone is these days),  I get to run with Melody from Will run for Margaritas tonight!!!!
Her leg 10 is about 10min from my house so we decided it would be fun to meet in person!!!
Not sure what I am going to tell my husband I am doing when I leave her at 7pm tonight decked out in running gear b/c I'm sure he does not approve of me running yet! lol....oh well he should know by now that I am a terrible listener!;)

good luck to all my friends running Hood to Coast this weekend!!! I hope you all kick some butt!


  1. hope your leg is okay girl! Glad you had fun in Canada! Yay about the Visa stuff! And I might see you tonight too!!! My first leg is leg 10 too and we have a starting time close to them so maybe I'll see both of you...look for me and I'll look for you! xo

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time in Vancouver. That pic of the girls is so cute, broken hearted cousins. Crazy about your leg. Does it hurt still??? My gosh be careful tonight, but I think if I was you I would probably do the same thing.

  3. This sounds like SUCH a sweet reunion! I can imagine the emotions of seeing everyone again - and of having to part ways. A cousin that is close in age is a very special thing, indeed. I wish my sons could be near theirs- but they are in Alaska for now.

    So glad you got the visa stuff straightened out!!

    I hope your run with the H2C team went well!! So excited for your comeback :)


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