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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FINALLY an update! My modelling debut, some track and the next 2 mos of my life will go as follows.....

I'm ALIVE!!! LOL....

Gosh...this is the first time I've been able to sit down without feeling extremely overwhelmed and guilty about spending 20min on here when I have a million other things to get done.
I'm so sorry I am so behind on your blogs. I promise fall will be different. Summer is always insane for me!
so here we go...and UPDATE:


Feeling okay. trying to "find" myself in a lot of things right now. Motherhood, marriage, runner, makeup artist, friend.....

My best friend just had her 3rd baby boy. He's gorgeous and I'm trying to have her oldest son, who is best friends with my girls over as much as possible so she can rest. She has done so much for me I want to do SOMETHING to give back to her....especially at a time like this when she needs it:)

Super happy that summer has arrived. We've been at the pool with any free time we've had and I'm trying to just ENJOY my girls when I can....hence the no blogging..all my free time has been going to them:)


so, like an idiot, I wasted my first 3 wks back running, messing around. I would get so excited to run, that i would only run 3 miles HARD, then be so tired I couldn't run the next day. Throw in 5 days of a fever and body aches and I only averaged 10miles a week for the last 3weeks:(

I feel like I had to get it out of my system though...running fast (or what is fast to me right now) and just FEEL like I could still run. I've come to the conclusion that I haven't lost alot of my sprinting speed, but I have most definitely lost almost ALL of my endurance. After 2 miles..even at a easy pace, I am TIRED:(. THIS SUCKS.


Went to see Dr. Foland yesterday. I told him I'm ready to start builing mileage so I can train again. I THOUGHT I would have about 2wks of base to do before I could start training,but turns Out i have 2 MONTHS! THIS, I was not expecting this at all and I had to try not to cry infront of him. I am grateful he is protecting me from hurting myself but here's what he told me i will be doing the next few months:

(keep in mind this is ALL EASY MILES)
week 1 (this week) 25 miles
week 2 30 miles
week 2 35 miles
week 4 35 miles
week 5 40 miles
week 6 40 miles (can throw in some EASY 200m strides for a track workout. thats' IT!)
week 7 40-45 miles
week 8 45-50 miles (Can FINALLY start some BEGINNER track workouts).

SO...this means no training for my 10K on Sept 24th.

I asked him if it was realistic to go for my sub 1:30 at the Oct 29 half (12wks away) and he very plainly said NO. I should NOT be thinking or planning numbers. that I will not be doing any sort of workouts by then that will get me in 1:30 shape.

Again..this was a punch in the stomache. I honestly thought I would be back to full training by then. At first I was discouraged. Feeling like "what is the point in running". But I asked myself the question : "do you want to be a runner? " yes. "Are you willing to do what ti takes, even if it takes alot longer than you thought?" Yes.

so here I am. I want to be a great runner more than I want to throw in the towel and sleep through my alarm, so I guess I just have to SUCK IT UP!.

The thing for me now, is fining my MOTIVATION. Normally I am motivated by a race, but since I am not going to be getting either of the PR's I wanted for the 10K OR the half marathon...where is my motivation?

I have decided the motivation is just in watching my fitness return. celebrating the progress even when it's small and marvelling in how my body WILL adapt and return to the endurance level it had a few months ago and then go beyond that.

My other issue is that my brain works in such a way that I don't see the point in racing unless I am going to PR or at least try to get close to that. But in this case, I know I won't PR in either...so do I still race?
I decided yes. That it is probably HEALTHY for me to race even knowing I wont' get that PR. Plus it will help me gage where I'm at. Will I be in 47 min 10K shape or 43-44 min 10K shape? it will help me know where I sit on the scale of where I want to BE. So, I will still race BOTH races and just be grateful I CAN race:):)


So...in my reckless 3 weeks, I was all over the place. I ran a 5 miler (my first one) with Steve 2wks ago and mile 5 was a 6:35 mile! not sure how I did that but it felt great.

Then I decided to go do this community track meet with Amanda. It was SO much fun!

I ran the 2 miler (but only did 1.25 b/c it was too hot). Then did the 400m relay, then the 1 mile race and then the 200m.

My 1 miler was 6:27 which I was really happy with since I've hardly run in 3 mos and I was already drained and tired by the time it was time to run it. My 200m which was about 4-5 min later I did in 32 seconds which I was also happy with:)

HOWEVER, I was SORE for FIVE days after! LOL...when i told Dr. Foland he said "that is what I like to call an aggressive mistake" lol.

So...won't be doing that again...but It was one of the happiest days I have had in a LONG time! it was a blast! Amanda is so sweet and we have so much fun together! My good friend and old coach, Joel came out to run too and it was wonderful!

the girls did the kids races and collected lots of ribbons.
It was s agreat day!
here are a few pics!

The girls drinking Jamba with Joel after the races:)

showing off all their ribbons!

the beautiful Amanda from Runninghood

I almost forgot to mention that I get to have the chance to be a RUNNING Model for the incredible Craig Mitchell Dyer  on Aug 16th!!! He is an incredible sports photographer and wants to do a shoot like a NIKE Ad:) I am so excited and Amanda doesn't know it yet..but I'm dragging her in with me! LOL
I have always thought it would be so fun to do that type of modelling. OBVIOUSLY I am not cut out for Victoria Secret lol...but fitness models are pretty average everyday girls who are just in shape and I can't wait!! it will be so fun! I will be sure to show the pics when we get them:) I better do some more strength training! cause I'm not exactly in the BEST shape right now....


  1. oh my! I'm so excited. Nervous but excited. Seriously, I have nothing modelish except for my one lululemon outfit. :) And I don't know a thing about modeling...I might get nervous but hoping that he has us just doing what comes natural...running, moving, etc. otherwise, I won't be good at all!!! I was never meant to model seriously. Kind of like singing or acting in front of people. I'm seriously about to poop my pants thinking of it. ha! But I'm going to do some Jillian now so that my abs don't look like a pillow next to yours.

    We'll chat more about this other stuff tomorrow when you come over!

  2. You are going to be the hottest athletic model that ever hit the runway! That sounds so exciting!

    Glad that you are able to start slowly building up the mileage again, even if it will be slow progress. Like you said your body will be making healthy and slow gains which are best over time. I didn't do any speedwork last year from Oct to late Jan, and it actually made me feel WONDERFUL! I was running the miles for pure enjoyment and by the time speed work rolled back into my life I was eager and ready for it.

    Love the girls with the ribbons, looks like they had a wonderful time.

  3. I have been a bit absent too...but so glad to see your post!

    Great that you can help your friend that way. Being a new mom is so stressful.

    Kinda rough hearing that you can't do speed for a few weeks, but whatever it takes! I like that thinking...better to be a runner than not!

    Looking forward to the whole shoot. That will be fun for you two :)

  4. OMG, a model??!! That is AWESOME! I'm jealous - in a good way! I've been wanting to get into fitness something (maybe modeling) - but I'm just not quite there. Good luck - you are going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the pic!!!!! :) xo


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