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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enjoy the small moments in life....and a picture montage of the last week of my life:)

Normally this time of year, I don't have time do anything but work...but I PURPOSELY booked myself less weddings this year so I could enjoy the summer a bit more with my kids.
this week has been great! and I feel like I've been able to really ENJOY my children.
I was thinking last night about how sometimes you know...things just suck. It is normal to go through some really rough patches in life...I have been going through one for a few months...but this week has been beautiful.
I have made some ammends with my husband...we've been struggling b/c we are both so busy and haven't been making enough time for each other. I have been getting a full night of sleep every night...except last night Erika woke up with a bad dream and asked me to snuggle her..which I actually didn't mind. I love the smell of my childrens skin and hair.
I was thinking in bed last night...what is the BEST FEELING in the world? and to me...the BEST Feeling I can imagine is the feeling of my childrens squishy cheeks on my lips when I kiss them. ...and I kiss them A LOT:) I can't help it..they are just too cute.

a few highlights from the last week of my life:


*One of my very best Friends, Chrsytal, who also works for me, got married
this weekend. This was us after I did her hair/makeup right before the beach ceremony! so much fun.


Above: us at the reception. I got that dress at Nordstrom.com and am INLOVE with it! I love that it's modest..so hard to find around here!

I loved the BIG HUGE MESSY chignon I pulled together since we were in a time crunch before
guests arrived:)

*One of my other Best friends had her 4th baby girl: Evelynn Ruby this weekend.
She was only 5lbs 7oz...turns out her ambilical cord was twisted and she was starving:(:(
she is a miracle and I am in Love. I stopped to meet her before my run this morning.

I love baby girls!!

Isn't she sweet?


*My sweet little Mooshy started swimming without water wings this week! I always get her to take them off and try but she usually wants to put them back on after 5min...but this time...she just took off swimming!!

She is so cute! she is super excited and keeps telling her daddy "No daddy, I Swim wiffout Fwoaties (floaties)!!" lol..she is only 3yrs and 9mos old so I am a PROUD mama!!

Here's Erika with her best friend AJ:)
*My little Moosh is growing up. She starts pre-school in September and I dropped her off for a trial run the other day and she LOVED it! which was a huge stress reliever for me b/c lately she has been going balistic when I drop her off anywhere...even places she LOVES. She cries and clings to me and begs me not to go. It really breaks my heart...but by the Good grace of God, she loved it and she is actually excited about it...


well let me tell you! this means I will have 12 DAY TIME HOURS to myself starting in a few weeks!

The idea of a tiny bit of freedom after being home with my kids for 7yrs is so exciting I could about jump out of my skin! I have so many plans already!! mid morning runs, shopping, lunch dates with friends...BLOGGING:)...oh..it's going to be WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Anyway...Megan started an Art camp this week and it's pretty incredible what she can do!

Above: megans self portrait on day 1 and her self Portrait she did today:
below that: her very first painting!!!

Working on her painting
Her first still drawing with colored pencils!
Meg is 6yrs old:)
I was so proud of her! Both my girls learned something new this week:)

* I took My friends 2 little boys (AJ above and his little brother Miles) with Erika to the zoo yesterday. it was SO NICE to just take our time, knowing I didn't have any makeup appointments to get home too...we just walked...ate our prepacked lunches and ENJOYED the beauty of the day.

 I feel Like as I get older and mature more, I enjoy children more too. Sometimes I feel sad that I don't get to enjoy a newborn of my own again, because I think I am more mature now and could be a better mother to a new born baby. Does that make sense? something changes in your maturity when you get into your 30's and I just think my perspective is a lot different now than it was when I had my daughters.


As I talked about before, I have to start rebuilding my mileage and fittness...

Last week I logged 24 miles ...felt good...

This week I am on track to log 31 and it feels amazing! it's tough though...I am really out of shape but I can tell it will come back..another month or so of building mileage and I think I will feel differently:)

Right now I just feel grateful for everything good in my life. I am pleased that I am being patient with my progress and I know i'll get those PR's next year:):)


  1. Amazing amazing stuff! Nicole...SO many blessings. I love the squishy cheeks thing. I am not a "mushy" mom. But i'd like to be more...
    I like that you love that.

    Your daughter's art is so IMPRESSIVE. wow!

    enjoy the free time :))

  2. I love your black dress - so beautiful!!

    I know what you mean about wanting a new baby and being able to do it better...or appreciate it more...although I'm not sure that comes with age (as I didn't start having kids until 34) but definitely comes with maturity and previous experience. Enjoy these days...they slip by SO FAST. grrrrr. My babies aren't babies anymore :-(

    That artwork is FANTASTIC!! Keep opening those doors for them and their talents will shine through!

  3. my gosh megan is super talented! what an amazing gift at such a young age, i still draw stick figures! ha.

    i've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you've been...i'm a poopy head and haven't checked in with you. you know how it is. busy. busy. busy. ugh, i hate being busy.

    yay for 24 miles, babies, friends, and family.

  4. WOW!! You have quite the artist on your hands. Impressive!

  5. You are freaking Gorgeous!!!! I think it is extremely commendable that you can balance such a busy schedule and rock at it:) yay for injury free running!

  6. Thanks Ladies! so good to hear from you all!


I love hearing from you!!