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Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 posts in one day: woah! my first 30 mile week since my injury

yes..it's Saturday night and I'm drinking a pepsi, eating some white powdered doughnuts and clearly have too much time on my hands since it's my 2nd post in like 5hrs:):) You'd think I would be making better choices since I'm supposed to be this FIT athlete in this photoshoot in 3 days:/ oh well...I figure one pepsi and 8 mini doughnuts isn't gonna do too much damage......oh..and the 5 homemade chocolate chip cookies from last night....and ..i should stop. I really like Sugar. can you tell?

So, anyway....I thought I should report on some running:

last week I did 25 miles.
This week the goal was 30:
here's what I did:

Monday: 6 miles 8:52 pace

Tuesday: 6 miles 7:40 pace (had tonnes of energy after a 12 hr sleep, this run had a steady hill over a mile long for mile 5 but I did it. last mile was 6:45:)

Wednesday: strength training, 1 mile warmup 10min pace

Thursday: 6miles 8:45ish pace

Friday: 6 miles 8:12 pace
Friday night: 2 miles with a friend who needed a partner: 9:39 pace

Saturday: 3 miles 7:41 pace

total Mileage: 30 miles:)

Goal next week is 35 miles. I am still feeling frustrated that my endurance is GONE but I guess it will come back with time...it's just so hard to be patient. I want to be RACING! I want to be WINNING! (okay, I know that's not realistic but still:) ) I just want to be back in tip top shape......sigh.
I decided NOT to do the 2 mile race today...as much as I wanted to, I need to be smart and let me body keep easing into things and i didn't think pushing my body to try to run 2 6:45 miles back to back was a good idea. I think I made the right decision.

Portland hasn't given us much of a summer and it's almost over. In preparation for fall and winter running I am trying to reach out to my friends and secure some more running partners so be sure to see my last POST about the morning group run i'd like to start!!


  1. GORGEOUS GIRL!!! YAY FOR 30 MILES....that is AWESOME! I think pepsi and mini donuts are a great choice for a Saturday night:) I am so happy to read about you back running....you are amazing!

  2. I bet it feels so good to be back at it! SO happy for you and great job on getting in 30 miles this week.

  3. Congrats o the mileage! I know you're frustrated, but you seem to be ramping things up very quickly with no problem. You'll be back to your old self in no time.

  4. Great job!!! You rocked it :) I LOVE your choice of snacks too :)

  5. Taking a break from the 2 miler was probably a good choice! You are getting stronger and stronger day by day with each of the recovery runs. Really proud of you for sticking with your plan!


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