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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There is just no time in summer for me to blog:( ....

Ugh... I wish I had time to blog and READ your blogs more....but wedding season is in FULL SWING and I litterally have ZERO time for this right now. makes me sad....hope you all don't think I don't love you if I'm not commenting on your blogs like I wish I could. I am trying to sneak in 5min here and there (like right now at 7:23am) to see what you're all up to.

quick update on me:


-First week back, ran a total of 14 miles.
-had pain a few times in diff parts of my leg where the stress fracture was.
-still havne't run over 4 miles
-been keeping to 3-4mile runs and only about 4 days aweek
-I still feel really nervous about hurting myself again
-feeling a bit depressed, not much, but  a TEENSY bit about my lack of endurance. obviously it's normal when I havne't run at all for 2 mos but you know 4 miles...is tough:( that sucks.
- did run 4 miles in 29:30 yesterday...had to stop at a few lights between mile 3 and 4. my heart was RACING.
-not sure I am going ot be in peek racing condition for a 10K race in september OR  a half marathon in October but we'll see. This is hard for me to swallow.
-thinking about Boston registration and not sure I am ready to even THINK about training for another marathon.
-struggling with motivation to work myself back up from the ground up. It feels like an in impossible task right now to get back to running what I was:( and that breaks my heart:(

Well...that's all for now. Thanks for all your love and support!!

Hope summer keeps going well for all of you! please tell me what you've been up to?


  1. Hey girl. You don't have time to blog because you are only one of the most amazing wedding photographers around!! So wedding season means people are a knocking at your door to do your THING (besides running). :) I'm impressed with your fast 4 miles girl! You'll get back! You will! And it will be wonderful! So glad you are taking it easy but still able to run a little.

  2. Well it's great that the makeup biz is in full swing, that's good news! On the fitness front, you will get there again. The fun thing about loosing fitness is gaining it back and seeing improvements. Okay I know that this really isn't fun, and it's actually hard work but you are capable of it! You have more potential in your pinky toe to be a great runner then most people have in their entire body. Baby steps will get you there, and you're going to be so much stronger if you approach it that way.

    It's summer time...it's difficult to keep up with blogs. Too many exciting thugs going on while the sun is shining!

  3. MISS YOU!! Can't wait for wedding season to be over so you can get back to blogging!! :)


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