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Monday, February 28, 2011

Long car rides, rain, puke and very nice blog post about me!

I spent the day in the pouring rain in the car, helping out a friend, which I don't mind doing AT ALL, happy to do it but it was pouring rain the WHOLE time...I hate the rain (yes I know I live in the NW).....and after 5hrs of being in the car I stopped at Safeway to grab some fruit and veggies.....
well...Erika starts vomiting ALL over the bakery aisle....(I was buying myself a DOUGHNUT. aaahhh...yes one last hurrah before training starts tomorrow!!)....

anyway..Erika is puking...no Safeway employees are offering to help (seriously?!!) but this nice hispanic women is helping me clean up erikas puke (bless her heart!) and I'm thinking....."really? what a day!!"....

I get home..feeling drained and TIRED...and I get this on my FB page.

Nicest post ever. made me CRY.

thanks Hailey.
You are amazing in your own right.

can I just say that it makes me feel SO good to be a motivation to someone else. I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker( I know I'm a dork) AND a personal trainer because I really believe in others, in the strenght of the human spirit and that they can do ANYTHING they put their mind to. We are capable fo SO MUCH MORE than we think. so thanks for making my day Hailey:)


  1. Yikes! That is quite a day. Looking forward to reading about your training! After 22 years in Oregon, I still hate the rain as much as my first winter here. I dream about moving somewhere warm and sunny...someday...

  2. Sorry about the rough day. What a nice woman to help you, though. I'm amazed by all the wonderful people out there!
    I've got sick ones, too.

  3. Hope your day today is much better! You are an inspiration indeed. :)


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