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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poetic or pathetic?....8wks later....random thoughts b/c I'm too lazy to write....

yes I'm alive.
 no excuses just in a blogging funk.
Here's a brief update in point form......

YES,  I am running. 
I am only allowed to run 1 mile every OTHER day though for the next few weeks...maybe moving up to 2 or 3 miles:( 
Basically It's not enough to do ANYTHING for my running so it feels like it will be more like 12wks off before I can really run again. 
This makes me grumpy...and yet Grateful.

I am still spinning and lifting. Love it. 
Today I did the hardest 20 miles ever and almost puked:) 
I have gained 5 lbs. No joke. It better be MUSCLE.
I am re-evaluating everything fitness and where I go from here. 
I hurt my knee the other day, not sure how... (lame!)

I am feeling grateful for friends.
I am feeling grateful for my body, even if it's falling apart. 
I have NO idea what the rest of this year looks like for me running wise. 
I'm debating joining Team Athenahttp://www.teamathena.org/v2/
LOTS to think about.

I am at a funny place in life right now.
I find myself in prayer often the last few days.
I feel like I am on a path to self discovery, and it's a good thing.

That's about the jist of my life right now. not very exciting. 
thankful this 8wks is OVER :o)

some pictures of life lately:

My first REAL experience in the sauna with Sara. I don't Get saunas. 
I had a swimming pool of sweat in my belly button and felt like my face was melting. 

Doing Box jumps for the first time. I look fat here...maybe it's NOT muscle:o/ ??
Where's my waist? ugh.

 our pool opened....here's my very Tanned little girl. 
this is her "Winter" color..wait til you see her 2 mos from now.
 This ones got my coloring:)

 Megan jumping her little brains out!
Erika swimming:) the one thing about being stuck in an apartment all these years is that both of my girls were swimming by THEMSELVES at 3.5yrs old. I LOVE IT! 
Erika is currently 4.5 and is jumping in the deep end and swimming like a champ!

And last but not least...my beautiful studio coming along....still need to put up the white sheers behind these curtains and put in another chair and some shelves:)


  1. love this little recap!! I've missed you. Seems like we've lost touch. Yay for all these new fitness opportunities that are making your body strong in new ways. And yay for pool being open. We will have to come hang out this summer. Love your Powder Inc. Set up. And you know Nicole, it is usually these times where we are in prayer the most that we end up learning and changing and growing the most. You're a work in progress as we all are and you're a beautiful one at that. Love you!

  2. I was just thinking about you today, so good to hear from you. I say join team Athena I looked at their website and wish they had it closer to me, I would love that. You are looking GREAT, check out your shoulder muscles!

  3. I am thrilled that you found some cross training that you love. It sounds like you have been super busy learning new things that will only help your running. Spin is the best running cross training, I swear by it! I have gained some weight too and I sure hope that it also muscle!
    I am jealous you have a pool where you live, that would be so nice to have in the summer. Unfortunately the weather has been lame in Spokane so far so I haven't even spent much time outside.
    I totally think you should join Team Athena!!! It looks like a lot of fun and doesn't Stephanie run with them?

  4. your studio looks great, now i only need to make the LONG trip across the country for you to style me ;) you totally should join team athena, it looks like it would be a great time. glad you are slowly and safely moving back into running, with time all the pieces of the puzzle will come back together...promise! sounds like some great things are just around the bend for you girl, praying for you!

  5. You are looking wonderful!!!

    Great to hear an update :)

    And your studio is looking fab, love all those colors together. I want to import you next time I have a special event to get styled up for ;)

  6. You look amazing, and are beautiful! It's a good thing, to be trying these different things, reevaluating what your fitness goals are and everything that goes with it - lots of good growth will happen:) I'm one of those people thatbthinkmall things happen for a reason, embrace it! I enjoyed this little recap post:)

  7. You look awesome! Seriously - take this the right way - but I think you look better :) I too have been trying new workouts and it's fun to mix it up and also to realize that just because you are in running shape doesn't mean you are fit all around. My goal for 2012 is to be fit all around :) [and possibly have your abs ;)]

  8. I've missed you, please start blogging more (kind of kidding, trust me - I understand the funk :) ) I think you look amazing - and NO WAY do you look fat in that one picture. You are one of the most beautiful and incredibly fit moms/woman I've ever seen and met. I'm glad you're running again, I know you missed it.

    And last, I love your studio. It's awesome. I wish I lived closer so you could do my hair and makeup all the time :) xoxo

  9. I bet it's muscle. ;) You look fabulous! I lost weight when I wasn't able to run or work out. Once I started lifting and running, I gained it right back!

  10. Looks like you had quite a hectic sched! Well, I think your reader wouldn’t mind if you skip blogging for a day or two. Anyway, how was your first sauna experience? I hope you give it another shot! Sweating is an essential part of the body’s natural processes, as this can help you flush out toxins in your body. You can feel its effects if you do it on a regular basis. Also, combining saunas to your other physical activities can be great. Saunas can relax your muscles and soothe the aching body after a strenuous activity.


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