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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fartlek Friday.....

well...I should have started this 2wks ago ...since Fridays are my fartlek day:):)

Today my workout called for 15 x 1min on/off.
In theory this seemed easy peasy.
I did a 2.75 mile warm up and then jumped right in.

I did the first 10 repeats at 9.3 on the treadmill (6:28 pace)
I did the next 3 at 9.5 (6:18 pace) and the last 2 at 10 (6:00pace).

this wasn't a super HARD workout, but a GOOD workout! you don't get much recovery time, by the time you slow down, you get about 45-50 seconds to recover and then go again. I really actually liked it.

I am still not entirely sure how fartleks are diff from speed workouts, but nonetheless, it's good I am finally doing a little bit of speed. I feel like I am JUST starting my training and I am on week 3. I feel like John's approach to this training for me is fairly conservative but I like it. I am okay with it b/c I don't want to overdue it. I am being patient and just letting my body adapt slowly:) I know phase 2 will get a bit harder and phase 3 (the last 5wks) will be challenging so i'm not gonna push myself too soon:)

My NUMBER 1 GOAL is to:
Get to Boston INJURY FREE and NOT SICK!

Yes I want a PR, yes I want to kick some butt and surprise myself, BUT more than anything..my BIGGEST priority is to just get there and have a good race.
I keep telling my friend Amanda, I am totally fine showing up on race day 10% undertrained. I just don't want another relapse of last year:/ It is my biggest fear at this point. I am probably being OVERLY cautious and not pushing myself to my fullest potential quite yet, but I guess I feel like this is SAFER. I don't usually take the SAFE route, but this time I am.

OH and a side note, I found NEW calf muscles today...smaller muscles on the inside of my calves below the larger calf muscle! I've NEVER seen them before and was really excited. I've ALWAYS wanted to get rid of my scrony little calves and I think all my running is finally starting to pay off! woohoo!!! (don't laugh at me, it's true).


  1. Ha! Yay for new calf muscles. And a great workout. My run tomorrow (IF I followed the plan) calls for 6 miles easy, 5 miles with 1min fartleks at 10k pace with 1 min easy and then 1 mile easy and 2 miles hard. IF I do any of it, I will be running easy with a trying out some of those fartleks. We will see how I feel tomorrow and then go from there. I'm convinced that some movement/running is good for me but I won't push the workouts/hard running if I don't feel ready. Thanks for the chat today. Gave me another perspective. :) Good job on your workout.

  2. For some reason your discovery of a calf muscle cracked me up! My husband has itty bitty scrawny calves, and one day I asked him to make a calf muscle (I'll be honest, I was comparing muscles with him). He looked at me blankly. He has such mini calves he couldn't clench the poor atrophied muscle!

  3. You are so freaking awesome!! I love reading about your workouts because it gets me all motivated and hopeful that I can be fast like you one day! You are going to kick Boston's butt!! :D

  4. oK,I Totally chuckled just when you said 'don't laugh' ....why does that happen? lol- No I totally get you- you are getting RunnerGirl legs- and as for me- I love always scoping out sculpted changes from all the running, We have to have fun with something!
    When you recover are you slowing down to walk or a light pace? Do you start your time once the treadmill adjusts to the pace? Being a tready runner myself for fartleks I tend to do that because it takes a few seconds for the belt to catch speed. It's ok to be conservative- I'm sure the approach and intensity will build up for you!
    Going to be fun for me to watch you Run Toward Boston :)

  5. You are 100% right in your attitude here pretty lady. Overtraining just for the sake of chasing down a PR wreaks havoc on our bodies and it is so much healthier to show up under trained then to show up over trained. Your gradual increases are going to do you wonders in the end.

  6. Sounds like a great workout and YAY! for calf muscles. :) I hope we get to meet and hang out in Boston!!

  7. It sounds like your coach has a great plan for you. I know that you will rock Boston. Just remember to enjoy your Boston experience- it is incredible!

    There are so many training plans out there to choose from. I always like to hear what works for people and what doesn't. I have heard a lot of people have gotten bored with the RLRF program or that they didn't get a PR from it. It seemed to work great for me since I had taken so much time off of running and just started back up again a year ago. My trainer had me doing pretty intense cross training so that could have helped. Lots of hill and stair running, kettle bells, training ropes etc.

  8. AWESOME WORKOUT NICOLE!! You are incredible. I love seeing your workouts because they inspire me to do more speed work:) You and John are being really smart about building your base and then speed and I KNOW you will get to Boston and do incredible!

  9. That sounds like an awesome workout! I'm excited to add more speedwork in, but also want to do it slowly and carefully to stay injury free. Sounds like you're being very smart about it, too. I like the 1 min off/on...have never done that, but I might have to borrow it!

  10. You are doing a great job! So happy you are playing it safe and injury free. I am so sad...that I am HURTINg again. Rest is for the birds!BOO!


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