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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Resolution 10K on Feb 5, 2011

I wanted to back up a bit and fill in on my last few races. This was a 5K/10K our Marathon Women team did on Feb 5, 2011. Don't you love the matching outfits?? yes. we do. Joel wanted us wearing those little running undies that look like a swimsuit, but we all laughed at him. no thanks. not til I can run a bit faster, and my butt and thighs no longer jiggle:)

This picture was taken before our race. Left to right: Coach Joel Gordon, Becky Manuel (amazing 3:09 marathoner), Helen Rarick (also amazing 3hr marathoner), Moi (not yet a marathoner) and Chuck Coats...one of the fastest men around for his age. set a new record for US men's something or other..I can't remember....must get the stats on that, but he's FAST!

I was blessed enough to have him pace me for this 10K race:) HOW LUCKY am I right??!!!

Before this race, my last 10K was 4.5 months earlier, right before I hired Joel as my coach. I ran a 47:30 10K (7:39 pace).

I argued with Joel on RAce day b/c he was yelling at me telling me that I could run a sub 7min pace for 6.2 miles and I said I couldn't! I was hoping for 7-7:15 pace.

well...we went out planning to run mile 1 at 7:15 and then try to go down from there but mile 1 was 6:47 and I pretty much held that the whole time. I felt good...it didn't kill me and I finished in 42:30 (6:50 pace). There were some small hills so a flat course hopefully I'd be a bit faster.

I was SHOCKED and excited to see a 5min drop in just 4.5 months of training! I took 3rd place for females (helen finished first in 38 something). It was an awesome day! It feel so freakin' good when you do BETTER than you think you can!!!

I loved having Chuck there to pace me. He told me wonderful things along the way like "you're doing great!", " you're so strong" ..it was awesome, I was a lucky girl that day! I have such a great team and great friends! God has blessed me greatly.

me and Chuck!!

Ready set go!

coming to the finish line...trying to KICK it!

This looks like a still shot, lol but I'm bustin my butt here I promise. about 20feet from the finish line. I have an amazing husband who is not only a GREAT CHIROPRACTOR but also an amazing photographer . check him out:)


  1. This is so great that you have these awesome pictures. And you rock! Wow! I need a pacer! :)

  2. And gosh, you totally inspire and motivate me! I know I said that earlier but you've really got me fired up tonight and I'm going to bed now dreaming big! :)

  3. YAY! I'm so glad. I have learned from my coach this past 5 months not to doubt myself. believe in yourself. You probably have A LOT more potential than you think! kick some booty Amanda!


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