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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Phantom running? and a few snow storm pics:)

(Remembering a lot of This lately:):)-Photo-my first marathon May 2011

I don't know many runners, personally, who have ever had to take more than 6mos completely off running bc of injury or illness so I feel it's hard to find anyone who can understand how I feel some days.

But then today I went and read a post on this blog I follow: Sunny2Runner
and it spoke to my heart! Another runner, just like me, who is coming out the other side of hashimotos disease and running again....and running WELL:) I cried while I read her post.
and I found out that this girl who I Idolize: Ms Fit Runner also has hashimotos.
It gives me hope to see these amazing women running strong and healthy and know that they once WERE, where I am NOW:)

At the beginning of January I had this feeling...or intuition that I was going to be running in February. Maybe not alot but that I would be running again....and now i'm here on Feb 9 and it's not looking good. BUUUUUUT..BUT BUT BUT, I am a person who believes in MIRACLES so even though it's not looking good, I'm still holding onto the possibility that it COULD happen and I visualize myself running every day and in my mind it feels so good! I reminisce on old PR Races and I can remember the feeling of burning lungs and legs and I miss it so much! It's like Phantom Running...it's so weird how vivid those memories are sometimes and that I can FEEL it when I close my eyes:) Today that feeling was especially STRONG and I just had the strongest urge to go RUN! I can't WAIT to feel that again! I swear to NEVER take running for granted again.

The truth is, the hashimotos isn't whats keeping me from running though.....it's my SI joint and hamstring and ....oh brother...it's just my whole right leg:)
So, when I went off wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, grains, and the rest of the food pyramind;) last month I was really hopeful that my leg and foot was going to heal....b/c of the inflammation decreasing in my body but so far, no real noticeable change (insert scrunchy frustrated face), SO i'm finally surrending to Prolotherapy  for my SI joint, BUT I can't actually start it until my vitamin, thyroid, antibody and hormone levels are normalized b/c that can prevent it from working efffectively and if it's as painful as everyone says it is, then I want to give it it's BEST SHOT at working!!!

Tomorrow I get blood tests and am Praying for good results that show IMPROVEMENT!!!

On another note...Portland had a huge snowstorm so here's what I've been up to the last few days;)



  1. My Dear Sweet Nicole: Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I share your joy to have finally found others just like you who have gone through the exact same thing as you are now ... Like them, you will come to the finish line stronger than you already are. Being a working mom and wife, running your own successful business makes you a superwoman in my eyes. Hugs & Kisses <3

    1. Awww thank you so much Bunn. Your words mean a lot. Xxx

  2. Praying for many blessings as you get your results back!!!

    1. thank you!! me too! i'm so scared there won't be a change and then i'll lose my mind! lol...if i've been eating like this for nothing i'll die! ha ha

  3. Love all the fun snow pics! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be back to running strong soon. I know how frustrating it is although not quite to your degree. i keep wondering if I will ever be back to how I was.

    1. Christy you WILL!! U can't give up and try your best to push out the doubts and focus on the future. Remember that even a year of crappy or no running is so sma in the big picture. Hang in there friend! Xxx


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