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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I ran! I ran! I RAN!!!! 6 weeks and 3days later.....

I got my X-rays yesterday and took them to my doctor today...everything looks clear!!!!
SOOOOO....he gave me the okay to RUN A HALF MILE! not much but it is something....

he told me to walk .25mi then jog .50mi  at an 8:30 pace and then walk another .25....so that's what I did and I had ZERO pain!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!
The plan is to just try this same thing every other day for the next week and then go from there!!

here's my happy face on the Treadmill tonight!!!
I didn't even have time to break a sweat but it just felt SOOOO good to run!

I have learned through this experience and especially the last 2wks that there are LOTS of other cross training methods that I LOVE and I don't want to give them up! ( I honestly didnt' expect to feel this way).  I think this is perfect since I prob won't run over 50miles a week for at least the next year.
I am excited to keep working on my cross fit and my spinning and turn this scrawny body into a sculpted one:)!

Today I went to Sara's Chisel class where we did rotating circuits...it was TOUGH..then after that she dragged me onto the "Gauntlet" as she calls it...it's the stair/escalator machine thingy....I was sweating like you would NOT believe! see for yourself: yuck!

So, I have been doing all sort of different things the last 2wks to target diff muscles and I LOVE it! I am already feeling more fit. I have gained 3lbs and i'm HOPING it's muscle;) lol....I'm kidding actually I really don't care how much I weigh as Long as I'm fit. I don't even own a scale.........and lets be honest I've been eating a lot more cheeseburgers and ice cream the last 2 wks also so it could just be that;)

I feel like this injury was a blessing in disguise b/c I NEVER would have tried all these other things if it hadn't been for not being able to run again. Amanda was right when she said 6wks ago "When one door closes, another door opens!"....well I feel like MANY doors have opened! It's really hard to see it in the beginning....time off from what you love can seem so terrible...but if you force yourself to get out there and try something new you just might find something you LOVE!
* I have learned that running is not EVERYTHING to me! If I couldn't run anymore, i'd be OKAY. I just love to exercise! I love to sweat! I love to push my body and there are LOTS of ways to do that!!

I really feel in my heart like I will be a much better, more well-rounded, athlete a year from now b/c of this:)
so grateful!!
I can already feel my thighs/quads getting bigger and stronger and my arms and abs as well. Running was never going to get me toned the way I want to be so adding on cross fit and Sara (she's my secret weapon) it is!!!!
cheers friends!


  1. Yay! Great news, so happy for you and you look great.


    Nicole, You know from my story I lost 150lbs and became a Runner so when I got knee tendonitis last fall (from My Marathon) I was really SCARED- I did do some cross training like spin/pilates/weights BEFORE the injury but I didnt know if it would sustain me. I feared if I would gain weight or lose focus since I couldnt run. Much like you It was an amazing self discovery that I too was an athlete and that I could stay fit, get stronger actually and come back and THAT I DID! I did insanity, spinned and actually probably overworked my muscles 5x a week, lol- but it worked for me and my Running came back! Your wings will always be open no matter the injury and I'm pleased that you gave all this amazing cross training a chance becaue it can do wonders for you as a runner and that "athlete" feeling is because you are one, embrace that and keep celebrating!

    p.s. I'm like I love taking sweaty skanky work-out pics lol- I share them often too! ha! love it!

    xx rock on and excited for your come back!

    p.s. did you mention you are going to do cross fit? I want to start when I get back from vacation in June!

  3. Great news!!! So glad you are feeling better!! You look amazing....cross training agrees with you!!

  4. So happy for you!!! I knew that you would eventually fall in love with cross training. It is a great supplement to running. :-)

  5. Well I think those cheeseburgers are doing your body good, you are always so cut girl! I want your abs, especially since they've already seen the effects of two beautiful little babes!

    So excited for your half miler and your road to recovery! Play it safe getting back into it so that you can pump out a crazy fast marathon this fall!

  6. So great gthat you have found all these new activities to train your body with, you are doing great! So proud of you for just finding something new and going after it 110% instead of just giving up your physical passions! Love you!

  7. YAY!!!! This post made me so happy!! Your cross training ways are truly inspiring!

  8. I just started reading your blog, and love it. I just went through a similar running hiatus due to shin splints and cross training was my best friend! Glad you are easing your way back into running - enjoy it! And oh my goodness, you are in insanely good shape!!


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