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Monday, April 9, 2012

fighting the mental battle.... quick update!

Just a quick update..I'm hardly on here these days...you can find updates on my FB page that you can find on the right column of this blog.

so...after the quad pain got a bit better, something new developed, which I think is really just a result of the quad issue.... For the last week i've had pain/weakness shooting down my left leg with every step I take. Dr.foland has done lots of graston, stym on my quads, TFL and glutes....but it wasn't getting much better. I finally had to take 3 days off this weekend. It is just tight pissed off muscles but i'm hoping I have enough time left for them to get back to normal.
The 72 hrs this weekend of NO running combined with a  42 mile week  last week (huge drop from regular mileage) resulted in a pretty depressed state for me with lack of or rather NO endorphins coming into this body!!

I finally ran this morning and it was okay. the pain/weakness came and went but it is still there. I'm HOPING that with more rest this week i'll be ready to go come Monday morning!
Thankful for lots of prayers from friends.


I've been thinking of mantras that I will  use for boston on Monday.....here are some of the things I say to myself when i'm racing:

 "I RUN THIS BODY"! (this one is from mile posts)
"15wks of training adds up to THIS day!"
"You have 3 hrs to give it ALL you've got!"
"Be fierce!"
"Run strong!"
"fight for what you want Nicole!"
"You're not a quitter!"
"you're determined, you're strong, you're a fighter" 

I cant believe I leave in 33333333333333333 days for Boston!!!!!!!!!!

Run FAST friends!!!


  1. squuuuuueeeeeeeeeeel! I will not believe anything less than you are going to feel amazing and KILL it! FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT NICOLE!!! You got this :)

  2. I am so excited to see how you (and all the other bloggers running Boston) will do. I am sure you are going to kick some serious Boston butt! Good luck, Nicole!

  3. Praying for your quick turn around. A lot can happen in just a few days. I bet that with a good taper, your body will respond nicely and you will feel NO pain on race day. (except the burn of regular marathon PR-ing)
    Take care of yourself and enjoy the trip! There's a whole lot of fun to be had :)

  4. Nicole, the taper time is always crazy. But as you said, you trained hard and you are ready. You and Amanda will ROCK Boston. Enjoy every moment of the three & little more hours, you deserve it! Good luck!

  5. Eeeek, 3 days? Hard to believe all the work, the miles, the sweat, the discomfort, it's all added up to this for his moment. It's your time to shine girl! Fingers crossed and prayers said for you. Maybe your body is just telling you to rest now because it knows that you are going to press hard an fly like the wind through that course. So excited for you friend!

  6. Yay! I am sure you have been keeping track of how many sleeps you have left too, right?

    Do you have any other fun Boston plans...besides kicking booty on Monday?

  7. Oh my goodness that is coming up so fast! Praying your legs are rested and ready to go on Monday. I will be thinking of you!

  8. Good luck on Monday! Hopefully a little rest is all you need.


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