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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 things I can't train without!!

Okay....I have been thinking lately about what has become my most important Training Must haves the last year or two... the things I use on a REGULAR Basis that I just don't think i could live without:) Sure My garmin...my favorite running clothes etc.....but these are 5 things I have come to depend upon every day!

Nicole's "Daily Must Have's":

1. Oatmeal

I cook this up EVERY morning. I eat it with raisins ( you must soak them in the boiling water first), cinnamon, raw honey and almond milk. yummmm!!

2. My Saucony Ride 4's

I have tried so many other shoes and I love Brooks launches for racing but for my every day training shoe, this is the ONLY shoe that won't mess up my feet.

Sometimes, I wish for a more exciting shoe...but I have to give this one credit for seeing me through again and again.

3. My Usana vitamins
I take A LOT! I've been on this stuff for 14yrs and love it. This isn't even all of it:)

they are the number one nutritional supplement in North America, Pharmaceutical grade, and have a professional athlete $1million guarantee that they are 100% pure and safe for athletes. LOVE them!
The oil of oregano isn't Usana..it's something new I'm trying.


4. Protein Recovery Shake

I am really good about taking my shake. Whenever I do a long run, a speed, tempo or hill workout, I take this within 5-10 minutes of finishing. I just put 1 scoop in a shaker cup with water and drink! then I always follow up with some carb meal:)


This is the USANA Whey Protein Nutrimeal shake. LOVE it! it's more pricey than the muscle milk but WAY better quality:)

5. Nike Training Center App for my iPhone

John just told me about this and it's already in my MUST HAVES list! this is like P90x but FREE!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! I did the Core Crunch workout tonight! only 15min utes and AWESOME!! You do a variety of core routines for 1minute each.

I totally need something like this that I can just do in my room before bed or wherever, whenever I want!

I have more but we'll just start with those.

Oh...and this girl...does she count? :)

I run with Steph (Soggy runner girl) every week and I'm not sure how I would cope if I didn't have her as my part-time training partner anymore...Love you Steph!!

(p.s yes...I DO look tall in photos. hmm.. just to clear this up...I am ONLY 5'4:) I am short. yes. I have LONG legs for my height so I LOOK tall, but I'm not. And yes, Steph is only 5'3:):)

What are YOUR Running/Training MUST-HAVES???
Share with us!!


  1. I love, love oatmeal (although, here in New Zealand, we call it porridge); I use chia seed, cinnamon and sometimes a little stevia to make it and it hits the spot every time. Another must have is Gu gels; they have gotten me through my training runs better than anything else I have tried. My Camelbak handheld water-bottle has also been a life-saver, especially now that it is summer down here.

    1. Yes Gu's do me well also. I have a water belt but no handheld...have been thinking of carrying one in my marathon ...we'll see:)

  2. Sunglasses! My eyes are sensitive to wind and sun so I always run with them.

    1. I am yet to try these! I need some that won't fall off my face. I HATE running into the sun too!

  3. I have been running Saucony Rides for the past 8 years!!! Love them!!!!

  4. Wow- You have tall legs! You look petite so I thought you were shorter- but your legs are Long! Your recovery protein- is that the kind you take and is it all natural? as in no artificial sweeteners or extra junk? I'm always on the look-out for new natural protein :)

    1. OH my gosh, I love that I can reply to people now...not sure how this change happened?
      hmm...Not sure what you mean by all natural but here is the link to it so you can read all about it: http://shop.usana.com/shop/cart/ProductDetails?ProductID=202.010100

    2. Thanks Nicole- I followed the link and the Nutrimeal is all natural- meaning no high fructose corn syrup and no artifical sweeteners (Connie approved ;-) Now the muscle milk is chock full of artifical sweetners and that is a no-no for my clean eating and healthy intake. thanks for the feedback :)

  5. Nr.1 is my breakfast, too. I actually microwave it at night (with raisins in) and let it soak really well, and then I reheat in the am. Perfection.
    I don't do any shakes, etc, and don't take any supplements:)
    You do look taller. I would have guessed you to be 5'9''. Ha!

    1. 5'9? !! LOL. I WISH!! THAT would be nice. I always wanted to be tall:(


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