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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boston Training Week 7.....20 miler and first speed session!

Well week 7 is looking MUCH better than week 6. Thank goodness!

It's hard to believe that this time last week I was just coming off my oxycodone High.....Oh, the difference one week can make, eh?
I missed both major workouts last week which was crummy but nothing you can do. I am over it.

Me and marathon training seem to be a fiasco...so far we are 2 for 2:) 
In the first 7 wks of training I have:
-been sick once, or was it twice? ( had to take time off for a bad chest cough)
-had my Mother in law die and found myself out of town and out of sorts for 2wks
-and ended up in the hospital with Kidney stones, AGAIN having to take time off. 

It was hard to hear my coach tonight make reference to these things and say "imagine where you'd be if you hadn't had all these set backs and missed a bunch of workouts".......he wasn't saying this in a negative way at all...
he was happy about how well my workout today went and so he was just meaning it in a way that he was glad I am doing this well, DESPITE all the setbacks. But we are not looking back, just looking forward. I still feel really positive about everything. Like my previous post on perspective, I am going into Boston just EXCITED to be there, HEALTHY and INJURY-FREE, (hopefully):D John, did it make it clear tonight that I have to be careful to not get too crazy...we don't want any injuries again......

I  don't know if there  will ever be such a thing as marathon training without something crazy happening to me, so I'm just gonna go with it! HA!

SO...Anyway...here I am, in week 7:):)

Monday called for a 20 mile run. Easy pace, which John outlined as 8:00-8:30 pace. 
I started out, and normally my body's natural rhythm is always progressive, so I usually start in the 8:30's to 8:40's and work my way down and settle into 8:15ish pace for the majority of the run. However, I was feeling quite good and low 8's felt very comfortable this day and just easy. I felt when I tried to slow down,which I did throughout, it threw off my stride and i ended up back in this pace, so I went with it, even though my first mile seemed too fast and I worried I might burn out, my body actually stayed fairly consistent throughout. It was a great run. I felt strong the whole time so I picked it up Just a bit at the end...and finished the last half mile at 6:30 pace. ...
Plus it was nice to be alone and just think. Nothing like a few hours alone on the pavement.

My miles looked like this:

Mile 1: 8:01
Mile 2: 8:08
Mile 3: 7:59
Mile 4: 8:08
Mile 5: 8:11
Mile 6: 7:53
Mile 7: 7:59
Mile 8: 8:04
Mile 9: 8:04
Mile 10: 8:12
Mile 11: 8:18
Mile 12: 7:58
Mile 13: 8:05
Mile 14: 8:02
Mile 15: 8:08
Mile 16: 8:16
Mile 17: 7:59
Mile 18: 8:01
Mile 19: 7:50
Mile 20: 7:16

I recovered yesterday with a slow 8  miles (8:50pace)......quads felt a bit tired at mile 7, which wasn't surprising as I battled this all last week after being in the hospital and skipped my 5K race on Sunday b/c they were still so sore. 

Today called for 4 x 1 Mile repeats. I woke up this morning with the same starter pains I had last week before the kidney stone incident so I was worried. I really don't like mile repeats (well, after today, I think I do:) but going IN to this workout, I was not so excited about it). 
Initially John told me to do them all at 6:30pace. Then he told me to start at 6:50 for the first 2 and then cut down and crank it the last one:) 
well...I did something SORT of like that. 

I headed outside and did a 2 mile warm up, and then ran my first mile....pretty conservatively...
Mile 1 was 6:41
This actually didn't feel very good, so I was skeptical this was gonna be a good workout. 
half mile jog recovery and straight into mile 2. 
Mile 2 was 6:29 (had no lung searing pain like I thought I would have so I started to feel a bit more optimistic). 
Mile 3: 6:19 (STILL no lung pain or feeling like I was dying so I felt even MORE optimistic-don't get me wrong...it was definitely threshold pace...but no lung burning like I normally get at these paces)
Mile 4: 6:04!! *This is a new Mile PR for me. I've never raced a mile, even just for myself, but last year the fastest mile repeat I ever ran was 6:09. 

Now here's what got me really mad at myself though... I ran the first half of this mile at about 6:10 pace and the last half at 5:58 pace....I didn't do the math, but I should have, b/c when I looked at my watch at .95 of a mile, I realized how close I was to breaking 6minutes! I tried to sprint, but it was too late.....had I started sprinting at about .85 or even .9, I could have done it! dang it! oh well, next time:)

This workout felt so good to me for so many reasons, here are a few: 

1. I focused on keeping good form the whole time. I find when I find something else to focus on other than just the speed, I run faster. Like when I did those 10 x 2 min hill sprints,I focused on building strength, not speed and it was my fastest hill workout I had done. (john attributes my speed today to those hill workouts by the way:) finally...some pay off for doing the damn things!

2. Since this is my first week of integrating  track workouts, I feel really optimistic about the next 6wks

3. I came out of this workout with a sure knowledge that I can run a sub 6min mile. I don't think I was sure about that before today. Now I just need to find the opportunity

4. This workout was just what I needed to gain some confidence for the 10K I am racing this weekend. 

Friday was supposed to be 800's but b/c I am racing a 10K on Sunday,that will be my other workout for this week, so now I get to take it EASY the rest of the week til then and I'm EXCITED about it!!!

Do you like Mile repeats? 
 Have you done any lately? 

I have them again next week, but 5 instead of 4:)


  1. You're going to kill your 10k pr Nicole! Again, great job today. You've definitely got some wheels! We need these workouts to give us that added confidence to get us through to the end. Must be a good running week because I'm having a good week too! Hoping it carries through to my threshold run on Friday. Keep on running strong. Oh, and I haven't done mile repeats in awhile. Last week I switched my week up just a tad and did some miles at threshold pace (my four miles ranged from 6:49-6:59 with .25 @8:34 pace in between). This was my way of getting some threshold work in without doing a solid threshold run since my plan didn't call for it last week. But this week I'll try to hit those paces (closer to 6:59) for 5 miles without the .25 break in between. We shall see. SO EXCITED for your 10k this weekend. Sending you lots of good running prayers!

    1. thanks A! That 5 mile workout will be a good workout! I much prefer to break them up....tempos are HARD!

  2. What a fantastic week for you Nicole! I love how you realize you can break 6:00 for the mile- I knew that you could! :-)

    What 10K are you running? I know that you will be amazing! Can't wait to hear about it.

    Here is to a great week 8 :-)

    1. Thanks Tasha! I am doing the hearbreaker 10K...sort of a last minute decision after missing the 5K this weekend!

  3. I hate mile repeats and usually avoid them but I am determined to do them this year Great job being so speedy, I love it! So glad to hear you got off the drugs and back to running!

    1. thanks Christy! you are doing so great!! this year will be awesome for you!

  4. Looks good for the 10k! I have done some mile repeats recently but boy, they are boring. I'm not very good at speed work ever! What kind of rest do you do between? I find that I do poorly with standing rest and actually run faster with a 400 jog etc between.

    1. Hey ! Yes it is a half mike jog recovery. I do better too if I don't stop:)

  5. Great job :-) Amazing...I happen to really love mile repeats especially if I can get on a track to do them. Well done and way to get after it.

    1. ha ha! see I'm the opposite, I hate doing them on the track...I feel like the 4 laps makes them feel so long to me:(:(

  6. You are doing so great!!! Even through all of these unplanned events going on in your life, you are still rocking this training plan. I am so excited to see what you do in Boston! Good luck this weekend at the 10K.

    1. Thank you! so glad to hear from you! just got your new blog address and adding it to my sidebar now!

  7. awesome Nicole! I am SO glad you are having a great week. You are killing it! You are so fast and I am excited to see all that I know you will accomplish. big hugs!

  8. Awesome mile PR!! So glad this week has gone MUCH better than last week. :-)

    I really do like mile repeats although I tend to do more 800 repeat training. I did a lot of mile repeats in college and I was much more speedy on the shorter distances in those days!

    BTW- When did you start your own own FB fan page and how did I miss that?! :-)

  9. Hi! Just "found" you here on the blogosphere, and I love your site. I'm a life-long runner but have been out of the racing scene for years (having babies, homeschooling…) Just lately i've been in the mood to find some good races nearby.
    I love seeing the mile splits (and great job ending so fast! :)) and it totally inspires me to start training with purpose, instead of just running….
    I'll be back to check in for sure!

  10. You are fantastically fast! I am so impressed.

    You are going to just PR the heck out of that 10K next weekend!


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