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Thursday, December 15, 2011

randoms...a post to process some thoughts...and some fun party pics....

I find myself always waiting for some enlightening subject to speak on or some deep thoughts to share....but honestly that just isn't happening lately. SO I need to use this blog more to keep a journal for myself.
I wanted to write down a few thoughts and feelings I'm having right now so I can look back and remember.

I went to see John yesterday ( my coach and sports chiropractor for those who dont' know). We started talking about training coming up for Boston and it was a very enlightening chat. we are meeting on Wed to talk more and I look forward to getting more answers to my questions but a few things he shared with me have really been on my mind.
He wants me doing another 60 miles this week and 65 next week..he'd like me to keep up this mileage with JUST easy miles as we role right into training. I asked him how I would keep up the mileage with speedwork added in and he told me I wouldn't even be starting speedwork til week 6 or 7. At first I was shocked but now I'm actually quite excited.
he said he will have me doing hill repeats and fartleks and tempos but no track workouts til about week 6 or 7. He elaborated by saying that I only really need 6-7 wks of track workouts or else it can be overkill. I'm actually EXCITED to not have to do 15wks of track workouts. I'm excited to not get burned out.
I trust john COMPLETELY.
He has run over 35 marathons (extremely fast ones) and really knows his stuff.
we talked briefly about marathon expectations....about what HE projected I would run and it was very exciting to me. I don't want to share what he said b/c I don't want to put expectations on myself but if he is correct, I will be one happy girl. ....just got to put in the work now and see what happens.

On a personal level of my life...My best friend Lacey moves saturday morning. Back to Canada.
Her sons are like my own and are my daughters BEST friends! for 3yrs we have lived a few doors apart. Our children have an open door policy at both our houses and they come and go all day long. they have grown up together. to say the least, it is heart breaking. This is my 2nd time to lose my best friend.
Where we live, is by the Chiropractic school, where my husband went. So...our friends are all chiropractic students. they move here for 3yrs, graduate and move back home. That was our plan too, except we never moved back. We bought a clinic, went to hell and back to get visa's so we could stay...and here we are. (we moved here 6yrs ago)
3yrs ago, my best friend, Katie, graduated and moved away. we also lived next door to eachother, had babies 2 days apart, worked together etc.
I never wanted to go through taht again. It is HARD for me to get really close to other women b/c I have been burned so badly. I love EVERYONE and appear on the outside to have lots of friends, but the truth is I only let myself get close to a select few. The ones I am drawn to are the ones who open themselves to me, are verbally and emotionally loving in return...I am always drawn to them b/c i am also emotional and love with my whole heart.
So first Katie

and now Lacey

. I know we will be friends forever, but here moving 12hrs away just sucks.
I find myself withdrawing and shutting down. I dont' want to feel the pain. I don't want to feel the loss.
It's a good thing I have a wedding all day saturday to distract me.

Life is hard sometimes.I know it will be fine and other doors will open. There are lots of really nice girls here who I will probably now have more of an opportunity to get to know and I have to think about that as it is a very positive thing.

Just wanted to get my thoughts out.........

Just for fun, here are some fun pictures of Steve and I at the photobooth from the wedding professionals gala we went to 2wks ago:)

Me with Chrystal and Bri who work for me....

I offered a giveaway for the event and we did these 8 ladies makeup for free. it was fun!


  1. Hey girl. I know we talked earlier about your convo with John. I think you will experience great success with him. He seems to know you well and I have no doubts that you will make BIG things happen this training cycle. I think you'll be strong, healthy, balanced and injury free. And I'm certain you'll PR by a long shot.

    So sorry Lacey is moving. :( I know what it is like to have to say goodbye to good friends. So hard. You guys have been so lucky to have each other.

  2. ah you are so stinkin beautiful! drop dead gorgeous!

    i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages, sorry to hear that your bff is relocating but she'll always be in your heart. i know maybe boston training is stressful, but sounds like your coach really knows his stuff here and may be onto something that has taken me ages (up until very very recently) to understand. a strong base is so much more important then we realize, really would you build a house on an unstable wavering foundation?

    sending you love from chitown! btw, isn't your bday soon???

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  4. Hey Raina! Thanks!! It is good to hear about the workouts. I guess I only did 6-8 wks for Windermere too but I think I did too many fast long runs:/

    John never implied that my half marathon pace in October would be marathon pace for April but ideally I guess yes that would be perfect. So I just need to double my endurance in the next 3 mos;) no biggy!! Ha

  5. So sorry that your friend is moving away. I wish I had a friend that lives so close to me, with kids the same age, that the door could "be open" with. What a wonderful gift that has been for you, I am sure. Keep nurturing that friendship and it will always be there.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Running.........I think John is a very good coach. He sounds like he is taking you through just the right workouts at the right time. What I have read is that 6-8 weeks of hard speedwork is all it takes. And it's a fine line between just right and too much. I would rather err on just a bit too little and arrive with great mileage and uninjured than get hurt and have a big mystery for the remainder of the cycle. Pretty sure i went too hard too early last year for Boston. You will be sitting pretty for your race if you follow his directions!

    Fantastic photos. You are so talented at your job and the two of you (steve and you) are like a husband wife magazine combo!

    Love ya lots. Sorry I should have emailed this!


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