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Friday, November 25, 2011

Who spiked my Gatorade?! 5K Turkeython Race Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!
Yesterday was an all around fabulous day!
I am super tired right now but wanted to post so I'm going to break this up, sorry for the lack of writing skillz here tonight:)

5K Race Recap:

Woke up and felt really excited. The weather was beautiful and I was so excited. We had had torrential downpours all week so I really felt like the Lord was smiling down on Lace and I:)

Met Lacey and hopped in the car. When we arrived we got our bibs and then realized we were FREEZING so we got back in the car and took a few pics:)

woohoo!! first race bib!
 This is my super speedy friend, Becky, who is running CIM here soon...trying to make olympic trials with a 2:46 marathon! she used the 10K as a tempo run and ran the first 2 miles with me. 
Yes we wore matching outfits:) Lacey is my BF and she moves to Canada in 21 days:(:( I'm a bit devastated about the whole thing:(

Warm up:
Becky and I did a 1.75 mile warm up and I only got to fit in 2 strides before having to bust our butts to the start line:)
The path is narrow so they started us every 20 seconds in groups of 20ish or so. They had us line up according to our speed. I gave Lace a hug as we found our places in line and reminded her to Push it!! I told her I would be back for her, after I finished.

My PLAN was to run 6:30, 6:25, 6:20 and this is where I messed up. We started running and Becky kept yelling her time was 6:30ish and mine was saying 6:10...I didn't know what to do...My friend had also emailed me and told me to go out fast so I sort of let my mind get indecisive and decided to just go for it! This decision I regret. I SHOULD HAVE listened to John.

Us at the Start:
 That's my friend Becky in the blue.

Here goes Lace!
Lace waiving at her little boys, I LOVE the face of True happiness here!

Mile 1: 
First mile was 6:18. Crap! I knew it was too fast and I was not going to be running this progressively like I should have!
at mile 1.5 there was a short but very steep hill....my lungs were already tired and I knew I was only half way done. It's funny, but it wasn't the legs as much as it was my LUNGS...does that mean I need more speed work or more endurance?  curious.

Anyway...mile 2 was 6:35.
At this point, I relaxed too much. I thought I was still okay b/c I had banked some time in that first mile...but I should have trusted myself and known better b/c EVERY time I run my first mile too fast, I bonk!
Sure enough, my friend Sommer, ran by me at abuot a half mile to go and I had nothin left to kick in.
Mile 3 was 6:38. DANG IT!
I picked it up a bit the last .12 with a 6:22 pace but that was it:)

Final time was : 20:10  3rd place:)

Why is there a 10yr old kicking my butt?

 Kicking it into the finish....there's my not so cute face:)
That face has "tired" written all over it:)

I am SUPER Happy with my time. SUPER happy...BUT I am mad that I didn't stick to my plan. Every single 5K i've ever run, I have run this way! I don't know why I can't run it progressively like the rest of my races, so my new goal is to run my next 5K progressive. I think if I do another one in a month or so, I will surely break 20min. I am more than pleased with 20:10 off no speed work and it makes me exited to get closer to the sub 19min 5K in the next year:)

As Lacey came in , I was screaming like a banshee!! I lead her in til about .2 miles to go then ran over to the finish line to cheer her on!
 here we come.....
 I was so excited I was jumping up and down...I'm sure people thought I was nuts!

 she sprinted SO hard, I was SO friggin proud of her!

 I bawled like a baby! so excited for her! she finished with a 29:19!!!!
I am sure she didn't want her picture taken yet! LOL

After the Race, we tried to warm up again...it started to rain.....we stayed a little too long in the car b/c the kids almost missed their kids race! they jumped in right at the end and only got to run about .20 of a mile! OOPS!

I won a delicious COSTCO PIE for my 3rd place finish and it was Devine!!! Becky won 3 for taking first place in the 10K:)

All in all, a GREAT race!
I recommend this race to anyone for next year. Well, run, beautiful course all in the park on paved trail:)
 AJ, Meg and Erika after their kids race:)
My Turkeythoners:)

POST RACE: Who spiked my Gatorade?:

This is when the day got interesting.
When I got home, I was SO happy and just feeling on top of the world!
I knew I had to run a lot more easy miles to hit my 55mile goal this week. I couldnt' sleep (nap) so I got up an headed out.
I have never felt this before, but my legs were just BUZZING! it felt like I had little fire flies inside them...I had SO MUCH ENERGY! I have NO idea why...I think it might have been the adrenaline rush I was feeling from my 5K. I really felt optimistic that if I had just run a 20:10 off base miles, then 2012 was gonna be a great year for new PR's.

I started to run and had EVERY intention of just running easy miles.
However, as I started running..I progressively felt more energized! it was as if I had not just run a 5K at all!
This is how my splits went: I really can't explain how the hell this happened? It didn't feel hard AT ALL. No heavy breathing or nothing. I just felt ON TOP OF THE WORLD! It was a super euphoric feeling:)

Mile 1:   8:31 (half uphill) 
Mile 2:   7:56 
*Mile 3:   7:38 
*Mile 4:   6:42( mostly downhill) 
*Mile 5:   6:36 (but this one wasn't! What the heck???) 
*Mile 6:   7:39 

*Mile 7:   8:08 (uphill) 
*Mile 8:   8:25 (uphill) 
*Mile 9:   7:45 
*Mile 10:  7:35 (felt like I could have kept going for another 5 miles)

Overall pace: 7:41

So I pretty much ran a 10 mile tempo run! I could NOT believe the energy I felt. 
I finished the day with 15.5 miles total. 

It was one of the best days I've had in a WHILE. Days like this make all the hard days worth it!!!


  1. Congrats on your 5k and 3rd place!
    I think it is wonderful that you got to share that event with your friend and that you were there to support her! I love all the pictures !

    I ran a 5k yesterday ..over 2000 runners and in 11th overall place was an 8 yrs old boy! 18:28:03!
    can you believe this?!

  2. These are some GREAT pictures! So great. Congrats on this race Nicole. your Boston training is going to be so awesome. Excited to see. So funny about the kid...those boys can run fast at a young age! MOre tomorrow when I'm less tired. Gotta get to sleep.

  3. I feel like I've arrived...I made it on your blog! Haha:) It was fun to read about your race and congrats to you and your friend, that is awesome!

  4. I'm so happy for you girl! Even if you didn't stick to your plan, you went out like a champ because you are an athlete that has an untamed competitive spirit. I wish I knew the secret to running a progressive 5k, but I've never accomplished that feat. Every time I run my splits are always even across...I never manage to go faster even when I feel like I am!

    That pie looks gigantic! I can't believe your friend Becky won 3 pies, what would someone do with that many pies???? Girl you are killing it with the mileage, so glad that you're feeling strong and energized these days. You need to come to Chicago and drag my lazy butt out for some miles!

  5. So awesome! and what a great race for Lacey!!!! You are rocking it and such an inspiration. <3 !!!

  6. Winning a pie on Thanksgiving- awesome prize!!

    Great 5K! Your time was great and I'm sure you will go sub 20 again soon. I have trouble pacing 5K's myself. There's something tricky about that first mile... :-)

    I can't believe how much energy you had after that 5K. Your "accidental" 10 mile tempo was speedy. Don't you love being a runner on days like that!?

  7. Girl!!!!!! You rocked that look at you your a rockstar and then you went for a run I've had a few of those feeling!!!:) it's so so impressive how determined u are!! Your a true runner that's for sure!!!! I need your email to invite you to my blog i took a break from blogging for a bit but now I'm back!:) we need to chat I have lots to talk to you about!!:)

  8. Great race and great run afterwards too! Those are some big boy pies! You really did very well, Nicole.

    I would so love to run a 5k with you some time. You are such a competitor!

    I really enjoyed seeing all the photos and especially the once with Lacey. She was beaming!

    Can't wait for your next 5k where you will POSITIVELY beat 20 minutes.
    You are only getting faster :)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. Also- wanted to say that it felt like your lungs were bursting because a 5k is so close to an interval pace- HUGE Vo2 max workout :) !!


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