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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

why can't I post any comments on your blogs???

can someone help me?
every time I go to post a comment on one of your blogs it does 2 things:
1. it immediately switches the comment to annonymous even if I've logged in
2. it won't post...it just goes from one word verification to another..INFINITELY!

what do I do??


  1. Oh I know you are not the only one like that
    Jess @blodeponytail also has the same problem

  2. Sorry that's happening!
    I am having some blogger bugs too. Not sure what's up, but I just started a second blog for my son and now i am having problems trying to log into my own blog. I might contact an administrator.?

  3. I have been having problems with my comments too. I started using intense debate for my commenting but for some reason some people still can comment under the blogger commenting and those comments dont show up under my blog but are on my dashboard. Its weird.

  4. sorry, I have not answer for the comments, but I came to your blog from your comment about taking 3 wks off after your marathon (i usually take 2 wks and other runners think I'm crazy). Such a smart thing to do, so I wanted to read more. I read about your recent inaugural marathon. So much to comment on. First - AWESOME! That is a great first marathon, and to run that fast with hot conditions - amazing! It's taken me SO SO SO many years, but just this past winter, I FINALLY started adjusting my time based on heat and humidity. For years, and years - I always thought my training improvements would get me through the conditions of the day. NOT SO, for me. My body DOES NOT respond well to humidity, so now I "try" to adjust my race pace - before the race. I still hate that fact, but it has lead to MUCH better humid racing. I even finish with a better time than if I go out at my normal race pace and then die because it's too hot for that pace.

    Another note - for me, after many races, I am immediately disappointed, but I always try to learn something and find something positive from all of them. I'm so happy, upon reflection, you are able to see how well you did at your first marathon. YOU are so talented. I look forward to reading more about your journey.


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