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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Willamette University 5K Collegiate Track Meet Recap and PHOTOS!

Where should i start..I wish I had a tape recorder built into my body somewhere b/c my comentary after this race last night and all I was going to write here was pretty darn funny.

Where to start? well...lets just say when I showed up and looked at all the people in the stands I had 2 inital thoughts:

1. Hmm. I never thought about the fact that there would be a stand full of people WATCHING.

2. I am REALLY old compared to these girls and I DON'T belong here.

I continued to make jokes about how if I couldn't be the fastest, maybe I could be the cutest? lol

I never felt a lot nerves like I normally do and I never Felt ANY adrenaline at the starting line. I felt very complacent. I was excited to have FUN but didn't really feel any drive to COMPETE. I wish I did, but all week I have just not felt motivated.

I was seated 13th (from my best 5K time), out of the 25 of us, but I didn't run like it lol.

though I was told to run my first mile in 94 second laps (6:16), I ran it in 6:10:( and then went down from there.

After that first mile, I was peeing and I mean PEEING my pants lOL...except I was wearing short shorts and it was running down my legs! LMBO. all I could think was "does the girl behind me see this??" lol..THAT kind of slowed me down and I thought...maybe I should stop? I mean I seriously considered walking off the track...but somehow I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. ha.

I was at the end of the pack, 3rd to last, **(update: I WAS the LAST!) lol, by the end of the run...but I didn't feel bad at all! in fact I actually felt PROUD that I was running with these girls! I was the ONLY 32 yr old mom in that race ! :D

Plus I have to remember that I am in atraining schedule for LONG distance....a marathon...not a 5K. I did tell my coach that after my marathon and half marathon races I want to buckle down for a while and work on 5K/10K stuff. I actually LIKE running 5ks:)

anyway...here are the pics from the race!!
me and Becky:)

I am in the black shorts and white sports bra. but you probably figured that out.

Me and Helen. she ran a 38:30 in the 10K.


  1. NICE!!! You are so awesome. Plus...you're fast AND cute! Great work!

  2. you are still my inspiration...love the commentary!

  3. OMG!!! Laughing so hard...peeing!!! thanks for sharing and GOOD JOB!!! I would like to see those girls at 32!!

  4. I wish I was cute like you when I run! I just saw my race pictures and I look ridiculous. Horrible things are going on with my feet, no boobs, and yuck! You ran a great race considering your hard week of training!!! And you look great doing it!

  5. thanks ladies!
    and Amanda....seriously...let me show you my race photo from Race for the Roses last year = disgusting

    and FYI: I'm sure I have less boobs than you! LOL


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