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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch out Marathon, I'm coming for you!

I literally have about 2 min b/c I am working my tail off to get caught up on work while Steve took Erika on a daddy-daughter Date and Megans' at school:):)
but my brain feels like it is going to pop from staring at the computer screen and scheduling what feels like 500 different brides wedding day schedules! aaaaahhhhh...
I came on here to say:..........

1 mile yesterday and 2 miles this morning with NO PAIN!! woohoo!!
actually..partially true. NO ankle pain whatsoever but I am having calf pain, and pains in the muscle down the front of my shin so me and the foam roller are going to hang out tonight:):)

but I am SO taking on this marathon!!! praise GOD for his Mercy:)


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