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Friday, April 8, 2011

Half Marathon this weekend

Meg told me about this blogger and I love this post: http://californiatraining.blogspot.com/2011/04/race-day-magic.html
go check it out!
it got me thinking as she talked about "Race Day Magic" and I am excited for my race this weekend!
I have been nervous about whether or not I can run a 7:15 pace for 13.1 miles or not b/c I have only run 6-7 miles of easy pace all week BUT I'm done with that way of thinking.

I need to believe in the MONTHS of training I have put in. I have worked my butt off and I have been CONSISTENT for months. I have not skipped runs, or slacked. I have done exactly what I was supposed to and I am going to go into this half marathon with peace knowing that if my mind is in the right place, I can pull off that 1:35 and maybe even better;)
My last Half marathon was exactly a year ago and I ran 1:46:21.....so you better BELIEVE I'm gonna have a HUGE PR this weekend and I can't WAIT!

Sad part is I will be running under another name in the Corvallis Half marathon: "Emily Canfield" lol b/c the race was sold out and I had to dig to find someone who was injured to sell me their bib! either way, I get a chip and a bib and I get to run with my team!

Bring it on!


  1. Go get em Emily! You will be awesome, your feet will fly, and it will be an amazing day!

  2. You totally got this, can't wait to hear about your new PR!


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