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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

19 Mile Run-Photos & Marathon Reflections!

So...I was supposed to do my 20 mile run on Friday but b/c of my ankle...I put it off as long as I can to give myself time to heal. Honestly, I didn't HAVE to do it but I felt like I would feel a lot more confident if I did.
So...I had 2 miles easy and then 16-18 miles at goal marathon pace...depending on how I felt and how my ankle, feet were. We decided beforehand that I would ABORT the run if I felt pain that I was concerned about.

We went to a new trail in Vancouver WA called the Heritage Trail on Lake Lacamas! I HIGHLY recommend it!! it is 3.5 miles in and 3. 5miles out...but it's rolling hills and it's gorgeous! it didn't feel redundant b/c you are going in and out of the forest and the terrain is up and down..nothing hard but enough to switch it up!;)
it is very fine gravel and dirt so soft surface...great for LONG RUNS!!

I did my first 2 miles at 8:15ish pace and then dropped down to 7:30 pace...which is (WAS) goal pace! lol...

Okay...so here are my REFLECTIONS!:

This run was harder than I expected....I felt good holding that pace for the first 12-13 miles but then it got hard. I did 17 miles at this pace and honestly...it was tough today! I came to the realization that I don't want to set a HARD GOAL for my FIRST marathon!

Seriously...who am I kidding? I have NEVER run a marathon....time goals are for 2nd marathons;). The last thing I want is to feel disappointed......that was another realization...I don't think I COULD feel disappointed b/c I think I am going to be SO HAPPY and RELIEVED to just FINISH that I will be happy no matter what.

I don't know what my body will do or feel after 22 miles since I've never run further than that...I dont' know how the ELEVATION will effect me, or what the weather will be..... My goal is just to do my VERY best and I guess we'll see what that is for that day on May 14th:)

I am realizing that those last 6-7 mile are going to be 99% mental. I know I can do it...but I also know when I get tired and i'm HURTING that my mind tends to start talking me out of things. I lose sight of my goals and just want to curl up on the side of the road and sleep:)
I need to have a MANTRA to get me through those last few miles...Any Suggestions??

I am getting SCARED. I am excited, don't get me wrong but this is going to be one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done....and that is also very exciting. I LOVE challenges that make me DIG DEEP and overcome HARD THINGS! isn't that what Life is about?
so many people never get to see what they are capable of.

In the end I ran 19 miles...at 7:32 average pace
17 miles was at Goal pace: 7:29

Joel took some pictures of the run today

Joel getting on his bike! thanks Joel!
Me, BEFORE, I got hot, sweaty, salty and TIRED!
Mile 14:)...the weather was 55! MY perfect temp for long runs! and NO rain!!
Mile 15
trying to flash a smile and not run off the trail into a tree!
Me and the Moosh going to pick up Meg from school!
I wanted to throw in some pics! the light was pretty and I LOVE my daughters green eyes!!
you think she could smile for me though, huh? little stinker!
Close up..I LOVE the brown freckle in Erika's eye !(right side from this view)
My beautiful Meg! ....my sweet sweet girl. I always tell her she looks like her dad...then she took the pic below...oops...I think she's startin' to look like MAMA!
(TIRED and SALTY! lol..still hadn't showered)
now you can see how crooked my nose is:) I had it fixed when I was 17, b/c I broke it as a kid..but it's still so crooked! I've learned to embrace it...it's just part of qwirky old ME!:)


  1. You're amazing!! Good work on your run...Hannah and I tried to run your pace for two miles, well, we were close....8:32....lol....you're daughters are gorgeous just like you! Can't wait to celebrate your victory with you!!!

  2. Congrats on your long run. You have been thrown a lot of curve balls in your training, and I think that you have a great attitude for your first marathon.

  3. You delivered a 10 pound baby naturally. You can run a marathon at your goal pace for sure. I'm so happy for you I can hardly stand it! You're my inspiration! XOXOX

  4. Oh my gosh, Erika is such a big girl now and yes she has beautiful green eyes!!! And you and Meg are starting to look alike...! Davina

  5. Thanks Ladies!! Your support means so much to me!
    Yes Britt...I have had a lot of curve balls it's true! that is why I will be happy with whatever my time is for my first marathon:) I will start chasing times maybe on my 2nd,3rd and 4th lol! A coaching friend with alot of experience told me today that the elevation will play a part and so not to be surprised if I am not hitting that goal pace and that i'll probably be about 10sec per mile slower with same effort..so we'll see:) a 3:15 here would be a 3:19 there and so forth so we'll see. New goal: Qualify for Boston!!

  6. Wow, you are amazing! I can't believe you ran 17+ miles at 7:29 pace (and 19 miles at 7:32 pace). You are TOTALLY going to rock your marathon, I can just feel it!! I have the same "problem" with the mental games, but I've been trying to work on it - I keep telling myself "Trying to BQ is not going to be a walk in the park" - that helps with a lot of my track workouts and long runs. But, if you get better advice/tips - please pass them on to me! :) Good luck with your taper and last few weeks before the race!

  7. PS - I love the pictures of your beautiful daughters (well, and of you, too!!) They are SO cute!! And yes, Meg is beautiful and looks like her mama :-)

  8. Love all the pictures! You rocked that run! There are a lot of rollers on that trail! You are right about the last miles of a marathon being mental. You know that and are prepared. I had no idea on my first and really had some tough times focusing. Find a mantra and practice it on your runs so you can grab it easier when tired!

  9. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I think you are being SO smart about your first marathon. You have SO much time to get all of your goals and the first one should just be for completion (even though I think you are still going to kill it)! I love that Joel rode his bike with you! LOVE THE PICTURES!!! I am thinking about you and you are right the last 6 are ALL mental but you are STRONG and you have so much potential. You will do amazing!


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