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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Which Running GPS do you use and LOVE?

Hello running world:)

It is now Sunday night and I am just barely today seeing a light at the end of this dark tunnel of sickness.YUCK! my poor husband now is trading places with me and getting sick himself:( sigh...what a weekend!
I am PLANNING to be back to running by WEDNESDAY and am determined to catch up and still be prepared with only 9 wks of training :(:( (that seems a bit scary and not long enough for my first marathon!)

Okay...so Running friends I am counting on you!
I need a new running garmin! There are SO many out there and I have no idea which one to pick!!!

I have the Garmin 205 and I love it but it does not have a HRM and my coach wants me to start using one.

My husband has the 305 but doesn't want to share lol....so I need my own.
I have friends who have recently bought the 110 and 210 but haven't got feedback yet....

so what do you run with? what do you love about it???
pro? cons??



  1. I've always been 'old school' in this regard... though I must say I am tempted to get one. For runs on the roads, I use googlemaps and just piece them together and figure out where the mile markers are going to be and try to remember them. For trail running, most of our local parks have mileage marked on the trail maps they give out and I piece it all together that way. Lets me use my math skills and spatial relations skills ;-) which are sorely underused as a stay-at-home-mom! Curious as to what you'll wind up getting and how you'll like it :)

  2. I love my 305. I looked at the 110 and 210, but they do not have the capability of programming a workout. I love being able to put my intervals in and let it tell me when to do what.

  3. Oh! Juanitagf, can you tell me what you're talking about? i didn't know the 305 does that...and not sure I understand but sounds intersting!! tell me more please?!!

  4. Hey you. I was just coming to see your blog and saw your comment on mine. I am starting to agree that the TM sucks. :) Today we got outside for our 14 miles and it felt so good. Sorry you've been so sick. :( Hey, I posted about Garmins once...I think I have a post on it under my running tab or maybe running related advice tabs that might be helpful. I don't use a HR monitor but love my 205. :) I have no idea all it can do really but good luck with finding one to get. :)

  5. Garmin 305 is a great running buddy! See your in Portland! Very cool! What marathon are you training for? P.S. Nice abs of steel!

  6. I have the 405CX and it's the only one I've ever run with so hard to compare. I do love it though! It is smaller than the others and I like the adjustable velcro wristband. I also like the way it wirelessly downloads into Garmin Connect on my computer. It did come with a HRM but I haven't trained with it much! Good luck deciding!!!

  7. thanks Ladies! I will have to look into a few of these!!
    H Love, I am training for the Windermere on May 14th..well if I ever get better I will be:( I woke up feeling like crap again today!ugh:(
    Jenn...the velcro strap sounds tempting lol I hate having to undo mine when I un layer my clothes mid workout!

  8. I have the 405 and have done a few runs with it and so far LOVE it. It does have the options of heart rate monitor and the programmable trainer. Also allows you to run against someone. My favorite is auto pause, so it keeps tabs if I have to stop for a car or person. It is a bit tricky at first because of the "touch" bezel. You have to lock the bezel to run or it goes all quirky when it touches things, but if you have used an Iphone or an Ipod touch it won't be an issue IMO.

  9. I have the 405 and it is okay. Not sure if I'm just Garmin-challenged but it has taken me two years to figure the WHOLE thing out and that's WITH watching the videos on their web site. I'm a visual learner I guess.
    Anyhoo, I do like the 405 because it has the heart rate monitor but the touchy bezel can be a pain if my sleeve hits it. It's not water proof so I've also fogged it up a few times but it still keeps ticking. Oh, I also LOVE downloading my workouts on their website...but I guess you can do that with all of their watches?!
    I hope you're back to running by Wednesday, being sick has NOT been fun!!!

  10. thanks ladies!
    it sounds like everyone loves what they have...I might just go for the 305 since my husband has it, likes it and it has a heart rate monitor? and it's cheaper than one of the new ones...my only question is ...is the sattelite technology better in some of the new ones versus an older one like 305? I am not a great researcher but I better look into it:)
    thanks for sharing all your feedback!

  11. I AM SO SO SORRY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SICK!!! That breaks my heart but don't stress too much about training...YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK IT!!! Seriously. I have the 305 and I wouldn't trade it for the world (I have never used anything else though ah) I really do love it. I think the 405 would be too small for my eyes to see. Plus you can find amazing deals on the 305....on my gear page it is only $127!!!! Let us know what you decide, I am excited for you!!! Get back to feeling 100%!!!

  12. thanks Janae!!
    I think I AM going to go for the 305.....
    as for sickness...I AM worrying. pretty much I've lost my 2wks of base...have only run 2 days in the last 16 days and i'm STILL not better:(:(
    so IF i can start running say by FRIDAY, that leaves me 8wks to train for my first full marathon.:(:(
    sad. I with God would answer my prayers. I am going to the doctor today.


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