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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where's my motivation???:(:(

After 20 miles on Saturday, at a relatively quick pace (for me), and then speedwork on Tuesday, I woke on wednesday and resentfully got out of bed.
My mind was trying to get up , but my body was TIRED.
I chose to run outside since the weather wasn't too bad instead of the treadmill..which proved to be a good decision.
had I ran on the treadmill, my 4.5 mile run would have ended at 2.5 instead.
I got 2.5 miles out and just could hardly run..I was already running 11 min miles and THAT felt hard:(:( I made it back witha few walking breaks but I got a delightful surprise this morning when My coach texted me and told me to TAKE THE DAY OFF. DO NOTHING.

yippee!!!!! I was NOT going to argue. though it means My mileage will be REALLY low this week:(:( I am happy to have the rest and i HOPE I will have a bit more energy tomorrow.

I am TRYING to find my motivation this week to run in general but I just feel down and unmotivatd.
THIS can't happen! I keep thinking....I have 6 more weeks of training for this marathon but I just feel D.O.N.E.
what is happening to me?
any ideas? is this normal? where's my FIRE???:(:(


  1. You are in a really tough time in marathon training. I remember always just wanting to sleep and never put on my running shoes. Hang in there! It is going to pay off. Just keep pushing yourself out the door.

  2. thank you. that's good to know b/c right now, I am asking myself..." is it really worth it?"


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