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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not what I was expecting today AT ALL. Lots of surprises lately

So you all read about yesterdays flop on the speedwork, right?
well today was a Recovery day.
My workout called for :

7 miles - recovery pace (usually 9-9:30 for me) heart rate should be 135-140
20min on Bike
Myrtle workout
upper body weights
6min ab workout.

I was SO tired and lethargic this morning I COULD NOT get out of bed. I tried..my body wouldn't move. I think someone must have been sitting on me;)
So at 12pm after I finished doing some makeup for a photographer friend...
did I ever mention I am a makeup artist? Here's my website if you want to check it out:

Anyway... I headed to the gym and hopped on the treadmill:):)
I put the speed at a 6 (10min mile) and quickly realized that felt like I was sprinting. Seriously? I thought to myself? I had to put it down to a 5.6 which is a 10:42 pace. CRAZY.

right then and there I knew I had to make the choice....was I going to accept this and spend the next 75 minutes running at a snails pace to ensure I get the recovery miles I need?
I decided YES. I will complete this workout, no matter how long it takes!

NOW...if you knew me, you'd know that PATIENCE is my BIGGEST WEAKNESS. I think I run fast b/c honestly I can't bare to waist time lol. so this was a HUGE day for me.

I ran 4 miles, then hopped on the bike, then did all my other exercises and finished up with 3 more, what seemed like FOREVER, Miles.

I was SO proud of myself. I learned to just ACCEPT what I had to give today.

I know that PROPER REST and RECOVERY is essential to PROGRESS so, despite the fact that I can't figure out what my body is doing and why I can't perform, I am accepting that THIS is part of my marathon Journey and today that is all my body had to give, but I DID IT:):)

In fact, when I was done over 2hrs later, my legs felt better....so maybe those 7 slow miles were just what I needed:):)

Excited to get up tomorrow and give it whatever i've got:)

Enjoy the journey my friends and be grateful we have legs to run on no matter how fast or slow they want to move:)


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