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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I feel like a dump truck, watch out here it comes....

*Warning, this post is a bit of a vent and emotional release for me. If you don't want to read all my feelings of discouragment today. Move on lol. but I have to dump it SOMEWHERE, so here it is.*

I REALLY hate that I am so off my game. I wanted to jump back into this with the same organization and enthusiasm as I had 2weeks ago but things are just off:(

I am already feeling exhausted and I haven't hardly done anything.
I have a LOT of emotional stress going on in my personal life this week and it's hard for me to find motivation or excitement or anything.
I keep trying to shake my head and get back in the game but it's tough.
Today is my first day of interval training. It should be week 3 for me...but it's week 1 and I don't feel prepared AT ALL to go do this. I have no energy, I am emotional and feeling discouraged.

it's frustrating that I was so on the ball 2 weeks ago, I had a plan and now I can't seem to get organized again. Whats up with that?

I am going to eat a big early lunch, then head out to the track and attempt to give it my all.
here's my workout:
3 mile warm up
2 mile fast (95% effort)
4x 800m sprints (90%)
2 miles fast (95% effort)
1 mile cool down

I find myself asking "am I ready to do this?"...I mean I know I can train for a marathon, but is NOW the right time? do I have too much on my plate?
my business takes A LOT of time and then 2 kids on top of that, a husband, a home. Am I being stupid? I wish my days consisted of just running and being a mom/wife:) that would be AWESOME.

anyway...hopefully all the stress I'm dumping here stays here and I can go get on with life today. I need to just shake this off and MOVE ON! Come on Nicole, pull it together!

I know this is a "downer" post but I am documenting everything in this process...the good days and the bad....hopefully there will be more good than bad in the end:):)

Happy Running everyone


  1. I wish my days consisted of just running, hiking, kayaking, adventuring, having fun and being a mom/wife. I can totally relate to not wanting WORK to get in the way :-)

    Don't worry about being a "downer" - you are just being real! It's not easy!!

  2. thanks Julie. I actually felt better just after writing all that down ya know? it helps lift the weight off my shoulders. then I can read it back and go okay...it's not so bad, you can do this, get off your butt and lets go! lol. thanks for reading;);)

  3. all of us have bad days and/or weeks. you are just being real. honesty is good. and the venting helps.

  4. Hang in there. When it rains, it pours. But the way you respond to the crazyness in your life is more important then all the crap that is going on.

    Girl you can do this! Any worthy achievement in life is never going to be easy, and you are not alone in feeling like you are caught in a never-ending up hill battle. Don't give up on yourself just yet, you've got the fight in you!

  5. This is the best dumping ground! We are all here reading YOUR blog cuz we are interested :)

    Hope that lunch helped and you were able to get to the track and bust out that workout!

  6. gosh...you girls are wonderful.


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